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  1. Bahndo111

    100 Series Steering Wheel in 80 series

    I'm posting this for a friend who is build a super tricked out 80 series with custom interior, vortec motor, bumpers, wheels etc. He wants all teh creature comforts of his 100 in an 80 including stereo control from the wheel. I'm not familliar with the fancy stuff on the 100's (or even...
  2. Bahndo111

    For Sale 315/75/16 Cooper Discoverer STT $750 OBO

    Sorry, guess I forgot that part, 4 tires and 4 wheels
  3. Bahndo111

    For Sale 315/75/16 Cooper Discoverer STT $750 OBO

    Bump for the weekend, excepting offers...
  4. Bahndo111

    For Sale 4bt/h55 60 series project-need it gone

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to people but I don't have any time during the week to check (this is the first time I logged in since Sunday.. I know I know, priorities..) Anyway, the whole thing got picked up tis morning, sad to hear it's gone but it was just gonna cost too much to get it...
  5. Bahndo111

    For Sale 4bt/h55 60 series project-need it gone

    I recently moved cross country and didn't have the ability to bring my project rig with me so my buddy offered to store it/work on it until I could arrange to ship it. Well now he is under the gun and can no longer have it at his place so it's gotta go. Here what I have -'92 Cummins 4bt with...
  6. Bahndo111

    For Sale 315/75/16 Cooper Discoverer STT $750 OBO

    Practically new Cooper Discoverer STT, less then 1000 miles on them, all pavement. Right now they are mounted on stock 80 series wheels which I would prefer to keep but will sell wheels and tires complete for $1100. Located in Hood River, OR. local pickup prefered but I can pallet them if you...
  7. Bahndo111

    '84 60 SOA rolling body w/ff rear $1000 MD

    Located in Poolesville, MD, Here are some pic's of the project over the last couple of years, I don't have any great ones of the body but I should be able to get some by Friday. This is about the most amount of rust on the body, the frame is just surface stuff, the rear channel of the frame...
  8. Bahndo111

    '84 60 SOA rolling body w/ff rear $1000 MD

    Moving cross country and can't take my whole project with with me. Here is what you get for $1000: -1984 FJ60 body, poo brown with practically no rust -stock wheels/tires -C'N'T rebuilt front axle -Full floater, rebuilt rear axle (no third available, use any other 60 third) -Brand new stock...
  9. Bahndo111

    '94 Locked 80, mildly built trail/expo $4500

    Here are some interior shots from the PO, it is in virtually the same comdition: I'll try to get some updated ones today if the rain lets up
  10. Bahndo111

    '94 Locked 80, mildly built trail/expo $4500

    The time has come for me to sell the 80 to free up some cash to finish my 60 project. I have owned this truck for a little over a year and put just under 10K on it. It has always started and run/driven fine for me. Here are the specs: -'94, ~175K miles -OME 851/853 with pro-comp shocks -OME CC...
  11. Bahndo111

    FEELER Built Trailer 4 Sale

    I could never forgive myself if I bought anything from a "FEELER"... bump for a nice setup.
  12. Bahndo111

    Cummins 4bt/fj60 swap parts/project for sale

    Not as of right now. I was really hoping to sell the whole project together and when there was not much interest I started working on it again. This has been on going for about 3 years or so but I actually think there is light at the end of the tunnel! -Bahndo
  13. Bahndo111

    Calling FF Rear Experts

    I would consider buying another FF from cruiserparts (thats where I got mine). For $550 you get an axle you can run, although I'd replace the bearings, and then you would still have two spare hubs and spare axle shafts just in case. I think for the all the trouble of machining the spindles the...
  14. Bahndo111

    H55 in early 1985 FJ60

    If you are not sure about the spacer you can look at your front driveshaft, if you have a double cardon (sp?) front shaft than you do not have the spacer and the front shaft will need to lengthened. I am swapping the 5sp in to my '84 right now but I am also going to a diesel so a lot of things...
  15. Bahndo111

    ARB RD111 Front Air Locker, $550 shipped anywhere!

  16. Bahndo111

    80 lift - OME 850/863/LTR shocks/80 Front arms w/ castor correction bushings

    If the springs go and the shocks are left, put me next in line, Thanks, Bahndo
  17. Bahndo111

    Front axle stretch

    I think I had seen this issue brought up when talking about a cut and turn for a SOA conversion. IIRC you would cut the knuckle the same way you would for the c'n't and instead of just rotating it you would pull it out of the housing, install a spacer (I would think you could only go a 1/2" per...
  18. Bahndo111

    FS - 4 80 Series wheels 16x8JJ

    Local buyer interested, pm'd you, -Bahndo
  19. Bahndo111

    Full float, LSD install question

    Alright here's a pic. the hole in question is circled in red: I am pretty sure this is an Auburn LSD if that helps/makes a difference, Thanks, Bahndo
  20. Bahndo111

    Full float, LSD install question

    I'm working on getting a picture.....
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