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  1. Josh83

    Frame Replacement

    As a data point, Toyota replaced the frame in my 03 Tundra under recall last fall. It took them about 5 full days and the dealer billed Toyota roughly $10,500. That also included some miscellaneous brake lines and such. The frame itself wasn't *that* expensive. Best I remember, it was about...
  2. Josh83

    Finishing my AHC delete today, just one question...

    But does the five spline offset apply to the factory LC bars that I'm installing?
  3. Josh83

    Finishing my AHC delete today, just one question...

    I'm finishing up the ahc delete today and have one question I've not been able to track down an answer for. I'm installing factory LC torsion bars, but I'm not sure how to index them when I install them. Do I line up the "master spline" on the LC bars with the same place as the LX bars? The only...
  4. Josh83

    Wanted I'm wanting Land Cruiser suspension to replace my AHC.

    I have a sad looking 03 LX470 that needs the AHC deleted. I'm looking for torsion bars and coils, either stock or OME medium if the price is right. I'm located in Central Kentucky so I can meet or ship, either way.
  5. Josh83

    SOLD 100 Series - Stock Coil Springs - Phoenix AZ

    My LX470 could desperately use the torsion bars and springs if you would be willing to let go of both.
  6. Josh83

    AHC issue. I've searched, but I can't find any solutions.

    I forgot to add, the suspension modes still seem to work just fine. I can tell a distinct difference when I switch from mode to mode.
  7. Josh83

    AHC issue. I've searched, but I can't find any solutions.

    I recently bought an 03 LX470. At the time of purchase, the AHC worked as it should. It adjusted at stoplights and all that jazz. Fast forward a few weeks and I'm having some issues. It seems like the front is down and the back is up. I am not getting any flashing off light, and the up and down...
  8. Josh83

    Has anyone traded a late model DD vehicle for an 80?

    I had an 80 and a 100. Right now I have an 07 tundra limited. As soon as I can squirrel away enough "extra" cash I'm getting another 80 and getting rid of the tundra and the payment. Gas mileage should be at least neutral if not an improvement.
  9. Josh83

    Opinions Please.

    Some of you may remember me, I used to have a 40th trail rig I got rid of a few years ago. Well, I am considering another 80. Here is my situation. I had an 06 Tundra Double cab I wreced on Saturday. I just heard from the body shop that it is totaled. I have $10,000 I can put into a...
  10. Josh83

    85 fj 60 S/O tbi 350 project

    What does it need to complete the swap? Does the sale include the parts to complete it? When you say the tranny is in bad shape, is it usable for a while or is it totally shot?
  11. Josh83

    Be honest, do you like the FJ Cruiser.......

    I love it. Would I buy it again? I don't know. A bigger vehicle really fits my lifestyle better.
  12. Josh83


    I towed right at 5K lbs three weeks ago. It towed great other than the guy that loaded the timbers on my trailer loaded them too far forward. But it towed great even with WAAAAAAAY too much tongue weight.
  13. Josh83

    last of the FJ Cruiser

    I work for Toyota at a manufacturing plant, so take this for what you will. Toyota uses what is called a Global Body Line in their plants. What this means is, one line runs two or more models. The FJC shares what is referred to as an underbody with the 4Runner, GX470, etc. The underbody is...
  14. Josh83

    Question re: factory tow hitch kit

    If I order the factory hitch and the factory wiring harness, does the kit come with the rubber hitch plug that says "Toyota" on it, or do I need to order that seperate?
  15. Josh83

    Coming back to the 80 fold...

    I almost opened this post by saying selling my 40th was the worst mistake of my life, but I can't say that. I sold my 80 and my 100 back in December, got in a much better financial situation, got a new job with a $22K+ a year raise, just to start and I'm back. I am going tomorrow to pick up a...
  16. Josh83

    1981 FJ40 $4000 obo

    VERY interested. I will call you this evening from the 502 area code.
  17. Josh83

    My TRDSE Thank you gift just arrived....,

    Do they still send out the models to everyone that buys an FJC? Or was that just for 07's?
  18. Josh83

    97 FJ80 40TH Ann a Steal in TN

    The wheels are wrong. That rig has a story.
  19. Josh83

    how tall is your 80?

    I'm at 84" with OME J's, 20mm of trim packers all around and 36" bias TSL's. Thats with no roof rack at all. I am thinking about pulling the trim packers through...the truck is just too tall.
  20. Josh83

    Rear Bumper mounted winch

    Larry the Cable Guy drives an LX450!
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