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    Wanted FZJ80 Manual Seat Plastics- Grey

    Bump of desperation.
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    Wanted FZJ80 Manual Seat Plastics- Grey

    I am need a set of the plastic recliner covers for the front seats of a 1993-1994 FZJ80. I acquired a set from another mud member from a 1991-1992 and they do not fit. I need a left and right cover for both front seats in grey. They cover the mechical parts of the seat pictured below. I am in...
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    SOLD FZJ80 lower front valance - Charlotte NC

    working on this for you. i will pm you
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    For Sale 1975 FJ40 Door Shells - Charlotte NC

    Selling a set of door shells from a 1975 FJ40. Outside door skins were sandblasted and primed. Bottoms need replaced, otherwise in good shape. $700 . I also have some glass and internals if buyer needs it.
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    SOLD FZJ80 lower front valance - Charlotte NC

    $100 - Lower front valance for 1995 and newer FZJ80. It will not fit 1994 and older. It is beige and in good condition. I will ship if buyer pays shipping.
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    Wanted Rust Free Hood For 1977 FJ40

    I have a hood and I am located in Charlotte NC
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    Wanted FJ80 Hatch & Tailgate - Washington DC

    I have a hatch and gate in Charlotte NC. They are beige. They are rust free.
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    For Sale Charlotte NC - 1975 FJ40 Gas Tank Cover and Tank

    $250 It has been sand blasted and primed. Completely rust free. It is an after market plastic gas tank.
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    SOLD Charlotte NC - Rust Free 1975 FJ40 Tub with Title

    $3900.00 For sale is a completely rust free 1975 FJ40 Land Cruiser Tub with a valid NC title. This tub was sandblasted with all of the rust removed and primed about 6 years ago. It is in good condition, but not perfect. There are some areas of pitting where the rust was removed. In addition...
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    Wanted 80 Series Oak Shifter Console, Front Door Panels, Glove box

    I have a glove box. I’m in Charlotte
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    Merge screens car play adapter lx570

    Has anyone tried this solution yet?
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    Need some advice on tires!

    I dont like my Ko2's. The only good thing i can say about them is that they last a long time. They dont really perform that well off road as they are an AT. They are much heavier than the Toyo, Yokahama, and other similar AT's which causes your fuel economy to suck extra bad when compared to...
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    Pully squeal?

    I just had to replace the belt tensioner/idler on my 2013 that has 75K miles on it. It was squealing intermittently. I would take care of it sooner rather than later because every time it squeals, your belt is sliding over a locked up pulley until it starts spinning again. Mine was only doing...
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    Replaced O2's to clear code 26, now I'm getting 25 with no symptoms?

    It started misfiring enough it could be narrowed down to cylinder #6. It had spark, so next culprit was a fuel delivery issue.
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    Replaced O2's to clear code 26, now I'm getting 25 with no symptoms?

    I was having very similar issues and it turned out the #6 injector was bad. It started out with occasional 25 code and mild stumble/misfire occasionally. gradually it got worse and i was able to determine what the issue was.
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    SOLD Charlotte - Tan/Brown FZJ80 Interior Parts for Sale/Trade

    I have had several requests for shipping these items. I am willing to ship via FedEx or UPS ground at buyers expense. I will not use USPS for anything other than the grab handles and possibly the visor. Also, shipping the seats is not economically viable. I have gotten several quotes for that...
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    SOLD Charlotte - Tan/Brown FZJ80 Interior Parts for Sale/Trade

    It should fit but may not match the colors of 91-92. I can arrange for shipping if you are willing to pay for it.
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