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  1. Bill92

    For Sale Long Beach: FJ60 Driveshafts

    That is weird... my driveshafts are 36" and 32" compressed. How could both of mine be longer than yours? Are you sure those didn't come out of a 40?
  2. Bill92

    Wanted WTB: driveshafts for an FJ60

    85-87 preferred, no spacer
  3. Bill92

    For Sale Long Beach: FJ60 Driveshafts

    Do you still have the driveshafts? Can you measure the overall lengths? I am trying to figure out if these will work in my sprung over manual swapped 62.
  4. Bill92

    Wanted WTB: driveshafts for an FJ60

    Looking for driveshafts out of an FJ60 TIA
  5. Bill92

    For Sale Dayton OH: 88 LC A440F valve body

    I have an A440F valve body. The transmission was slipping in R and 2nd, but first gear pulled very strong and it shifted into 2nd fine, as well as between D and R, so I think the valve body is good. However if it turns out to be bad I will warranty it. $100 + shipping
  6. Bill92

    For Sale (Atlanta, GA) A440 Automatic Transmission out of a 1989 FJ62

    Jesus888 when do you think this tranny job will be complete?
  7. Bill92

    For Sale SW Ohio: 80 series A440F - good condition

    I have this transmission that I was going to use in my fj62 before I learned the 80 series is not compatible. It was taken from a good working truck. Mileage is unknown because it was not original to the truck it last came out of. It's from a 3fe 80 series and worked great is all that I know. I...
  8. Bill92

    Parting Out KY: FJ60 Gauging Interest

    If build date is post 4/85, then I am interested in the tranny.
  9. Bill92

    For Sale (Atlanta, GA) A440 Automatic Transmission out of a 1989 FJ62

    I may be interested. I am leaning towards converting my 88 to a 4 speed, but a low cost a440f would be tempting. but you are about an 8 hour drive from me (Ohio)
  10. Bill92

    SOLD 2F Bellhousing

    Do you have the one from an 85-up? The one that clocks the tranny at a slight angle?
  11. Bill92

    Wanted WTB 85-up bellhousing, OR complete manual 4 spd swap bundle

    I am swapping my 88 FJ62 to manual. It is SOA, so I really need the 85-up bell housing to clock the TC to sit as low as possible. I already have a source for the tranny and TC, but need the bellhousing. Or, if you want to sell me the whole kit in one shot I would consider that as well Located...
  12. Bill92

    Parting Out Resume selling FJ60/62 Parts

    Do you have a FJ62 fuel pump assembly/carrier?
  13. Bill92

    SOLD Norfolk, VA: 1997 Land Cruiser 3x locked $8500

    Sent you a text
  14. Bill92

    SOLD Houston: 2001/Lexus/LX470

    That roof/a pillar damage is pretty bad to be asking 14.5k imo.
  15. Bill92

    SOLD Detroit: 2002 Lexus LX470

    What is ARACO?
  16. Bill92

    SOLD Detroit: 2002 Lexus LX470

    Where is the body damage?
  17. Bill92

    SOLD 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser with 165,000 miles $11,500

    This looks like a good deal. Seats and paint don't look that bad imo.
  18. Bill92

    SOLD Bagley, MN 1993 3x Locked Toyota Land Cruiser

    His Facebook ad says 8k
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