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  1. spaldam

    For Sale Idaho Falls: Looking for 2002+ LX470 or Land Cruiser.

    It would be worth getting more information on. I'm not very familiar with the GXs.
  2. spaldam

    For Sale Idaho Falls: Looking for 2002+ LX470 or Land Cruiser.

    I need to buy a new vehicle this week. Just wrecked my FJ Cruiser. I'm looking at options and would consider almost any Toyota/Lexus 4x4 SUV in good condition as it will be a daily driver. Needs to be less than 20 years old so my Credit Union will give me a loan on it. I'm willing to travel a...
  3. spaldam

    Flat Towing an '07 Auto FJ Cruiser 4x4

    Thanks for the replies! I'm still trying to decide which C Class to get. I think we might get the new Jayco Seneca with bunks and a washer and dryer hook up.
  4. spaldam

    Flat Towing an '07 Auto FJ Cruiser 4x4

    I can't find the Renco disconnect. I think it's discontinued.
  5. spaldam

    Flat Towing an '07 Auto FJ Cruiser 4x4

    I've got an '07 automatic tranny, and am looking at what it takes to flat tow it behind a C class. Looks like it can be done, and all I should have to do it disconnect the rear-drive shaft while leaving the tranny in park, and the transfer case in "H". However, it looks like I still need a lot...
  6. spaldam

    Help needed from a few Texans

    We are looking for a few good people who know the off-road areas in Texas, and have good writing skills. Come check us out and join up with this awesome project: Trails Offroad
  7. spaldam

    For Sale Ricochet Off-road front HD skid for 10+ FJC

    I picked this up not realizing the front skid's are different for 10+ years, so I need to sell or trade this. Here's a stock photo (the one I have is red-anodized with a few minor scraps on it). $250 OBO (you pay shipping, or I'll meet halfway within AZ), or trade for some other armor or...
  8. spaldam

    MUDShip Need to ship from Gilbert, AZ to Port Orange, FL

    I doubt anyone's making a cross country trip any time soon, but maybe I can get some good options for sending some FJ Cruiser side steps to a guy in Florida? They are about 5' long, and when wraped up in plastic, less then a foot in diamater. I estimate weight is less then 30 lbs.
  9. spaldam

    For Sale FJ Cruiser/4Runner

    Why can't I edit the obviously chopped off title?
  10. spaldam

    For Sale FJ Cruiser/4Runner

    I have a brand new, Adjustable Trac/PanHard/Lateral Bar made by Sonoran that I don't think I can take advantage of with my current setup. It fits all model year FJs, and late model 4Runners. I'm willing to sell it, or trade it for something else for my FJ. I'd prefer some kind of armor, like...
  11. spaldam

    Lets see some pics of your FJ Cruisers

    I just went to war against all silver trim on my FJ: It looks much better now. I'm working on the interior trim pieces too.
  12. spaldam

    Off Camber 2014 Mormon Lake AZ September 12-14th

    If anyone's interested in camping off-site near the even, let me know. see here for details:
  13. spaldam

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I moved to Arizona about a year ago. Just checking out the 4x4 scene, and trying to find something fun to do the first or second weekend in May.
  14. spaldam

    Independence day campout/trail run.

    I'm looking to take my family camping for the Independence Day holiday, and would like to know if anyone else has plans as well. I'd like to go somewhere northward for the cooler climate, but also have a good camping spot to watch fireworks and camp that night or maybe even for the weekend...
  15. spaldam

    Transmission fluid in FJ Cruiser

    Yes. That helps a lot. It's quite the procedure, compaired to having a simple dip-stick. Can't wait to do the drain and fill this weekend in my newly acquired '07.
  16. spaldam

    For Sale 2000 Tacoma 4x4 v6 3" lift 285/75/16

    Just put on brand new Rancho RS5000 rear shocks, and am dropping the asking price to $5500. I'll even take off an additional $500 if your ok with me swapping the wheels and tires with the 17" alloys and all season tires currently on my 2007 FJ-C!
  17. spaldam

    For Sale 2000 Tacoma 4x4 v6 3" lift 285/75/16

    SOLD!!! For more details see: Truck is an automatic with 208K miles on it. Engine is at 128K miles. Just passed emissions test (has every year for the last 3 years I've had it). Truck runs great, and has cold A/C. When I first purchased...
  18. spaldam

    Wanted 2000 Tacoma Rear Bumper with Tire carrier - Dallas area

    I'm packing up Thursday (April 4th) to head to AZ, and am thinking it would make everything fit a lot easier if I could get a rear bumper with integrated tire carrier before then. Anyone have one for sale in the Dallas area?
  19. spaldam

    FS: 95 FZJ80 Vortec Conversion

    Nice! trade for Tacoma? Nice. If you'd trade for my Tacoma (and some cash), I'd be very interested. How well does it handle on the freeway?
  20. spaldam

    Seth Hollist for US Congress!

    It's an inflatable statue of liberty. And you can still help by donating or sharing the info with people you know in the Dallas area.
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