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    Fall Crawl 2022 - Discussion Thread

    Thanks again to Bart for allowing me to ride with him on Friday and a shout-out to Juliano from Jersey for letting me ride along on Saturday. Had a blast both days.
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    Looks like traction.
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    Landcruiser H.D. Skid Plates again

    2-3 weeks tops I’m a yes. Prepay?
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    Landcruiser H.D. Skid Plates again

    I’ll take one i’ll take one if still available
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    Landcruiser H.D. Skid Plates again

    what would shipping be to 22405
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    Monthly meeting place at Kilroys 730pm on first wed each month

    Glad I could attend my first meeting last night. What a packed house it was too. It was nice meeting several members and look forward to meeting others in the future.
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    Wanted VA-fj60/62 steering arms

    Looking for a set of 60/62 steering/knuckle arms thanks doseman
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    1980 Fj40 wipers in wrong home position.

    If you move the arms at their mounting point then yes they will hit. Watch the video and see how the wipers are at their lowest point each time the linkage makes the turn? You want to move the linkage to this spot with the motor at its rest position. That way you are not changing the range of...
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    1980 Fj40 wipers in wrong home position.

    Dave with the wiper motor off and the blades in their “rest” spot you should be able to remove the linkage from the motor. Then push or pull the linkage to get the blades close to the bottom of the range of travel.(low point). Then reattach the linkage. You may need to make a slight adjustment...
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    2021 CLCC Swap Meet & Truck show ... What are You bringing ?

    Complete 1975-76 spare tire carrier FJ40 1968-74 F intake manifold
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    PM sent
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    Doseman here. Not a club member-yet,but would like to pick up my order at the swap meet next Saturday.
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    2F serial number info...

    Feb 1979 fj40 300825 2f 349505
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    Overland Metric: JIS Bolt Kits & Hardware | Stainless & Carbon Steel

    Just ordered a full set Thanks doseman
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    Wanted NEEDED 1979-1983 FJ40 / BIB assembly.

    Just received my new bib. 3 day shipping from Germany with no issues. Exactly as picture shows it. Doseman
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    Parting Out 1979 FJ40, Monument, CO

    fuel filler neck available?
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    For Sale 3FE EGR block off plate & exhaust manifold plug

    Have a plug left or did you sell them all? Pm PayPal info if you have one. Thanks doseman
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    For Sale 51 series pro comp rock crawler

    price change $140.00 plus shipping/or pick up
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