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  1. mustangn6

    My tire choice?

    Considering OME 2.5 lift, how well do you like yours? How is the ride on and off road? Which springs did you use front and rear (light, med, heavies?) Sharp looking Cruiser!
  2. mustangn6

    67 fj40 build

    lol! I'd be tempted if it was four wheel drive!
  3. mustangn6

    67 fj40 build

    Considering OME 2.5 inch lift with anti-inversion shackles. Wondering if anyone has installed one and how they like them, performance, ride, installation tips , etc.....Started out as clutch repair, turned into frame off build!
  4. mustangn6

    Post pics of your dog(s)with your 80!

    Our "Cruiser Dogs" Here's 11 yr old Henry (Border Collie) who is as close to being "in" the truck as he will get without major force, and 1 yr old Jasper (Rat Terrier) who LOVES the truck and was very bummed when I just took his picture and didn't let him go somewhere!
  5. mustangn6

    fj40 axles tranny and t-case

    Do you have the 4 speed bell-housing?
  6. mustangn6

    No "D" Club

    Mine was out when we bought at 104k, now 159k still out and I will be very careful NOT to whack, I don't want the light lit either. Dealer offered to replace bulb for me last year, told him absolutely no. Got a funny look, but it's still out! My stereo lights went out recently though, miss...
  7. mustangn6

    Radical Gas Milage

    I've noticed mine does better when it isn't real hot or real cold, this time of year I am getting 14 to 15 ish if I drive nice. (Around here it gets misreable hot 100+ for weeks straight and cold in the winter.) We did take a drive to Eastern Idaho just before Christmas, drove 80 with the...
  8. mustangn6

    Wanted fj40 grill emblem wanted

    We recently bought a 67 fj40 and the "Toyota" on the front grill is missing, would like to buy a replacement, anyone have one they would like to sell? Also need a spare tire latch... Thanks!
  9. mustangn6

    Wanted front mud guards for a 96

    I would love to find a good set of front mud guards/flaps for my 96 LC so I can lose the running boards! The dealer wants too much for them and I am sure someone out there has a set they don't want or use. I am in the Boise, Idaho area. Let me know if you have a pair, Thanks!
  10. mustangn6

    introductions...for women only

    So cool to know I am not the only "crazy" out there that loves her trucks. NONE of my friends get me. I am Jeannie and I am a native Idahoan. I have an 85 4runner (230k) that I refuse to part with (many have tried). Bought it when daughter number 1 was a year and daughter number 2 was on the...
  11. mustangn6

    stock wheels for 1st generation

    thanks for the info. Have tried junk yards, they are picked clean around here. I also have a friend that runs a tire shop looking, he hasn't had any luck yet either. May have to try the expensive route. Thanks again.
  12. mustangn6

    stock wheels for 1st generation

    I would like to put the steel stock wheels back on my 85 and can't seem to find any. Anyone know where to locate a set? Ours got bent (too many rocks :lol:) and we bought white spokes (cheap fix). I hate them, they are wider (flips rocks and mud all over the sides) and tires cost more, etc...
  13. mustangn6

    Seep after rear main replacement

    I had my rear main seal "fixed" last November at local dealer. Last 2 times I went in for routine oil change they said I had an oil leak, this last time said it was rear main. I immediately questioned it and they took the truck back in and cleaned the oil off and told me to come back in a...
  14. mustangn6

    never under estimate yodas power

    Once pulled a Ford out of a nasty rut on a remote mountain road. He didn't stop long enough to offer to pay or even say thanks. Guess it was too hard on his ego to be rescued by a female driving an old beat FJ40 with a 9 month old baby and an Old English Sheepdog in the back. (Great way to...
  15. mustangn6

    Those with dogs....

    I think i might consider myself lucky our 2 Border Collies HATE to ride in any vehicle. I have to physically shove them in, hold them down, and slam the door shut before they bale out. The female will eventually settle down, usually in the back seat crammed between kids, but the male just...
  16. mustangn6

    Why did you buy your land cruiser?

    ok, mines not too different. Have had an 85 4runner since '91. Absolutley love it, but 4 half grown kids don't fit too great (without WW3 going on). So, started looking for a 3/4 ton crew cab, just couldn't do it. Then I'm driving down the road and there she was! I new instantly I had to...
  17. mustangn6

    Good LC mechanics in Idaho?

    Thanks for the info. No, I do not trust Peterson, been going to Tom Scott for years for parts (for 85 4runner). (I usually deal with Danna now since Bill deserted to the service dept. but I do like Mark too) they know me on a first name basis and I do get a discount rate from them but still...
  18. mustangn6

    Best 4runner year?

    I have an 85 and I LOVE it. Have had it for 15 years and it is part of the family. Has been in places it shouldn't have and brought us home fine. Gets 20 - 23 mpg and runs when it shouldn't too (mines at 228k and still going strong). I recently had to semi-retire the runner though due to 4...
  19. mustangn6

    Good LC mechanics in Idaho?

    Anyone out there know of any good LC mechanics in southwest Idaho area? Been taking my 96 to the dealer for oil, etc. but they want $500 for the 120k check up! What do they do for $500!!! :confused: Also, where is a better place to get the front mud flaps? Want to remove running boards before...
  20. mustangn6

    1992 FJ80 cloth to leather seats anyone?

    I have leather in my 96, not impressed with how they held up. I think I would lean towards cloth next time. Kids are hard on the leather and I have been told that they sent the top grade leather in 96 to the Lexus factory and the Toyota's got the inferior leather. Not sure if it's true, but...
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