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  1. gladly

    newbie fj40 owner with a few questions.canadian parts suppliers etc???

    Yep, 4wheelauto are great to deal with. And they have lots of stuff beyond what’s on the website, too.
  2. gladly

    Member Rigs

    It followed me home
  3. gladly

    Motorcycle Forum

    :hmm: this is the motorcycle/atv/utv section of the forum. there are a whole bunch motorcycle threads. maybe start with the what's in your garage thread or maybe School me on motorcycles if you have specific questions, start a thread.
  4. gladly

    Motorcycle Forum

    depends what type of riding you are looking to get into. For adventure and dual sport stuff, definitely is good for dirt bike stuff, I see they have street bike forums now too, but I've never checked them out
  5. gladly

    One of a kind NE BC Vehicles

    dunno, but I think that alaskan rednecks have out-rednecked the NE BC ones :lol:
  6. gladly

    One of a kind NE BC Vehicles

  7. gladly

    where do i buy parts

    JT Outfitters? maybe do a search on that first... more than a few members have had poor luck with them.
  8. gladly

    What kind of hub is this??

  9. gladly

    One of a kind NE BC Vehicles

    spotted today: :eek:
  10. gladly

    Gem of the Day

    :doh: looks like the block got a bit too hot :doh:
  11. gladly


    :cool: I've heard lots of good things about those
  12. gladly

    HZJ75 98' 4,2TD Pickup for-sale (UK)

  13. gladly

    How many FJ40s are represented by MUD?

    216 daily driver for the last year or so
  14. gladly

    Ratpuke's 2011 Photo Thread

  15. gladly

    One of a kind NE BC Vehicles

  16. gladly

    Spray paint to touch up FJ40 frame?

    both components are in the can but kept separate. when you are ready to use it you push in the pin on the bottom of the can and it allows them to mix and 'activate'
  17. gladly

    Post editing limit

    thanks, Woody! :beer:
  18. gladly

    Post editing limit

    I agree, the spammers don't buy stars. As for the disgruntled members, that can be frustrating, but how often does it really happen? What seems to be a more common issue is tech threads where all of the pics have disappeared because the linked image host is no longer valid :mad:
  19. gladly

    washer switch?

    on my '75 you twist the wiper switch for the washer ;) :cheers:
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