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  1. legion

    SOLD 1967 FJ45 long bed FOR SALE WA state, 2 owners since 1984.

    I know this truck! I haven't seen it for several years (and the last time I saw it it was parked in my driveway in Alaska) but I can definitely vouch for the seller. Straight shooter, good with a wrench, knowledgable on old 45's and definitely an enthusiast. I hope life's being good to you...
  2. legion

    One of my FJ45's on BAT

    1964 Toyota FJ45 SWB Fixed Cab Pickup I've had it in storage for a decade and never brought it home after an unpleasant experience with a restorer. Time to put it in someone else's care.
  3. legion

    I think I just bought this '77

    No kidding... and congrats! That's a sharp truck. :cheers:
  4. legion

    Looking at a '84 SR5. Any opinions?

    Thanks! ...and for a guy w/ a name like ΔT I'm guessing that time is something you're prepared for! Bear in mind that Toyota gave away approx 200 of these little stripy 4x's to SAR groups around North America in and around 1983. That's the way I understand it anyway. They're generally not...
  5. legion

    Looking at a '84 SR5. Any opinions? None of the comments on there are mine and the original bid raiser was apparently a putz that welched out when it came time to actually buy. The truck was listed again shortly after and I bought it at his BIN level...
  6. legion

    Looking at a '84 SR5. Any opinions?

    I recently bought (maybe 6 months ago?) a 1983 4x4 Toyota LB p/u for $16k IIRC. It had 6k miles on it and was mostly as new. That's a lot of money for that p/u and it may need a lot more once it's yours. I'd keep looking or make a significantly lower offer.
  7. legion

    FJ45 on eBay in Alaska

    Noop. Here's mine:
  8. legion

    Tall skinny tires for mini truck

    The add'l unsprung weight hasn't been an issue from my perspective. The 3rd's have. Matter of fact I have a fresh set of 4.88:1 gearing en route right now which will bring gearing and speedo/odo back in line. The 255/85-16 is @ 32.5" in diameter and that's a far cry from the 29's most of...
  9. legion

    Tall skinny tires for mini truck

    I've got a studded set of the 235/85-16's too. Outstanding tire but the difference between the look of the 255/85 and the 235/85 is big. You'll notice the 255 and it'll look like a bigger and more aggressive tire by far. The 235's you'll probably not notice at all. Also, if you're running an...
  10. legion

    Tall skinny tires for mini truck

    Glad to help. The over simplified comparison between BFG and Cooper? BFG typically uses a softer compound and focuses on the car market. Cooper typically uses a harder compound and focuses on the truck market. You'll probably find the Cooper's last pretty well but you might find a...
  11. legion

    Tall skinny tires for mini truck

    Cooper Discoverer S/T 255/85-16. Not sure what pressure I'm running right now but normally in the winter I run the back at around 15% lower PSI than the front but that's not too helpful w/ out knowing exactly what the front's set at. The answer in winter is if it's slick out and you're...
  12. legion

    Tall skinny tires for mini truck

    This is the 4RNR with 255/85-16's and OME 2.5" suspension.
  13. legion

    Tall skinny tires for mini truck

    I run Cooper 255/85-16's on an '03 4Door Taco and on my 1985 4Runner. I love 'em. Both are DD trucks so my perspective on the tire isn't an offroader's but they've been great and I've been running them on the Taco for a few years. Got a studded and siped set for winter and the standard...
  14. legion

    Planning A Project: Round Fenders

    Found it. (edit: will post pics as soon as I've got it in the garage)
  15. legion

    Beauty on CL

    No affiliation, etc. Sure looks like a nice example though. Ooof. Not CL, Fleabay
  16. legion

    22 re combustion issues . got gas got spark nothing happens

    Can you hook up 2&3 then drop 1&4? If it runs under those conditions I'd look for some kind of air obstruction. Maybe something nesting in the tailpipe?
  17. legion

    Planning A Project: Round Fenders

    I've been distracted from my round fender project plan. I flew stateside to pick up this and now it's in my garage here in Alaska; the spiritual home of 4Runners everywhere. Thanks to all for the suggestions and pointers. I appreciate 'em all.
  18. legion

    Planning A Project: Round Fenders

    On it. Thanks, meigs!
  19. legion

    Mint condition Toyotas for posterity

    From the ad:
  20. legion

    Planning A Project: Round Fenders

    It's not a round headlight truck, Skully, but there is what looks to be an xlnt one in your back yard. Check out this CL ad for an '82: 1982 toyota pickup 4x4 58k original miles classic If the ad is accurate the truck would be an outstanding example and a perfect platform for a top drawer...
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