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    Wanted Texas

    looking for washer nozzle for the hood of 1969 fj40 need two for a split hood.
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    1964Fj45lv rear springs

    What is the correct number for rear spring and bushimg and frame pin for arb springs . This is for 1964 Fj45lv.
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    Parting Out 1971 FJ40 Northern CA

    do you have the windshield washer nozzle in the hood ?
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    For Sale FJ45 LPB bed racks for sale

    Are the 45 lpb bed racks still offered for sale ?
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    numbers of fj45

    What I was looking for is by year
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    numbers of fj45

    Does anyone have the number of 45`s by year that was brought into the USA , I am want to know how many 1964 fj45 was brought into the USA?
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    For Sale 1973 FJ40 Frame - Tub - Drivetrain

    Can you post better photos of rockers and what dash parts does it come with
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    post Harvey update?

    I am friendswood also Quaker landing got about 3 Inches of water in house but FJ45 came through ok
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    For Sale FJ45 LPB bed racks for sale

    how much would shipping be to 77546
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    Owners post here......

    chevy 4.3 w/ 4l60e vintage air power steering
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    Owners post here......

    I have a 1964Fj45 split window but it now has a long bed. A long story only took 18 year to complete, Spring Green code 1028
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    Wanted wiper switch 1964 Fj45

    Are you sell them ? I would like the smaller one with knob
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    Wanted wiper switch 1964 Fj45

    yes that the one
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    Wanted wiper switch 1964 Fj45

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    Wanted wiper switch 1964 Fj45

    Looking for a wiper switch for a 1964 fj45 pickup .
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    shocks for 1964 FJ45 pickup

    What shocks are people running?
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    Screws for 1964fj45 pickup

    What no one know the actual thread pitch and size if these little screws? The one the hold the windshield vent parts
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    cmcc anyone going

    Is anyone going this year? I will be there but nothing to wheel.
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    18th Coal Mine Cruiser Classic Registration is now open

    Hey gut I will see you there I will be I the Rv spots might want a ride .
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    Screws for 1964fj45 pickup

    Looking for a source for some screws. I need the one for the bat wing vent and the one for the bottom of the windshield frame for the vent bracket . I think they are m3-0.60, m4-0.75,m5-0.90. if these are not the size does anybody knows the proper ones? Thans
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