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  1. mtnpig

    Rear door fixed window rubber.

    I would be interested in 2 sets.
  2. mtnpig

    Second round build

    No Bob it's all 18 gauge cold rolled sheet stock.
  3. mtnpig

    Second round build

    It's been a long time between all the kids activities that I have been able to bang on any metal. I forced myself to work on something today and made some good progress on the drivers side front half of the rear wheel lip.
  4. mtnpig

    For Sale FJ55 Cargo Area Vent Covers

    I have a set I can send if needed. If I remember right most of the studs snapped during removal. I have a second set attached to parts rig as well I could try to get off. PM shipping info if you still need them.
  5. mtnpig

    For Sale FJ55 Cargo Area Vent Covers

    I talking the rear qtr exterior vents like in the post 2-3 above, my preference would be steel/Nickel over the original plastic ones.
  6. mtnpig

    For Sale FJ55 Cargo Area Vent Covers

    I guess the exterior vents are next model and print?
  7. mtnpig

    For Sale Glove Box Handles - Reproduction

    Recieved mine yesterday. Thanks!
  8. mtnpig

    Wanted WTB Land Cruiser fender script

    Thanks for doing this and the detailed instructions on getting them ordered.
  9. mtnpig

    Second round build

    The Mrs. got me this great hat and matching T shirts for my birthday last week!
  10. mtnpig

    Need a word of avdvice

    I knew I was going about it all wrong. That's the best advise available anywhere on this site.
  11. mtnpig

    Wanted WTB Land Cruiser fender script

    That looks fabulous good job!
  12. mtnpig

    rear body mounts

    I haven't read the referenced article from Scraps yet but I have never understood this logic. I have seen it posted a few times. With road crown and not being able to run a perfectly level road(I'm not a believer in flat earth). I am with the logic if it is reasonable, the hood shuts, and the...
  13. mtnpig

    "Wife said cute" (danger Will Robinson)

    Is or was Pigeaten printing these? Looks good.
  14. mtnpig

    Second round build

    Got a little closer last weekend.
  15. mtnpig

    Builds Megadoomer Build

    Kartek is a pretty nice resource for offroad fab and car builds. Even better to be local and get to walk through the place every now and then, always find some of the stuff you didn't know you needed, until it is staring you in the face.
  16. mtnpig

    How far will you go with your wagon

    What I want to do and what will happen could be two totally different things. But I have always wanted something to be able to drive to any moderate trail and car/tent camp out of the back anywhere in the Western US and British Columbia. Will I have the time to do this, not likely... but that...
  17. mtnpig

    1978 Barn door FJ55 "daily driver"

    Gonzo what's controlling your engine? I am sure you have mentioned it but I will need to read the entire thread later. I would love a 5 spd behind my 2uz.
  18. mtnpig

    Second round build

    More like determination, than skills. I have had a pig for 17 years now and never driven one. I'm ready to hit the road.
  19. mtnpig

    Second round build

    6 sets? I wish I had the time.
  20. mtnpig

    Second round build

    Got a little further today, I am not really enjoying the reflector bosses. I almost have the drivers side fit to weld though!
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