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    P M C swap meet

    Next year you guys may want to post the GD address so we can F($#%^& find it pricks!!!!
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    Need Help!! Or I'm pushing it off a Cliff!!!

    I will get those up tomorrow. I have also tried replacing the hold down twice.
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    Need Help!! Or I'm pushing it off a Cliff!!!

    The cam is also brand new, Installed when the motor was built 7000mi ago. The motor was taken down to the block. No wear on either the cam teeth or dizzy teeth. The timing change is around 45-60 degrees.
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    Need Help!! Or I'm pushing it off a Cliff!!!

    to my knowledge they didn't go TBI until 88 through 95
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    Need Help!! Or I'm pushing it off a Cliff!!!

    Yes, I've marked the dizzy to make sure it is not moving. I've even taken a chizel to put a small notch to make sure it is not rotating. At first the advance wieghts and spring were rusted a bit so I pulled them off cleaned them then put them back with a little dielectric grease, no change. So I...
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    Need Help!! Or I'm pushing it off a Cliff!!!

    Does not have a standard coil has an MSD HEI coil. The hold down is working (that was my first thought) I have replaced it twice to be sure. The change in timing is very drastic. If I move the plug wires on the dizzy one post forward or back it is almost perfectly back in time. If I previously...
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    Need Help!! Or I'm pushing it off a Cliff!!!

    I have a 1970 FJ40 with an 86 350 chevy. For some reason it keeps "jumping" or loosing time. It has an MSD Billet dizzy. I have replaced every part in/on the dizzy twice. I have also tried 3 different carbs (holley, edelbrock, rochester). I have replaced the timing chain twice and also tried a...
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    Bellhousing problems

    I got a bellhousing you can have if it doesn't sell at the swap meet
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    Ma!!! I Killed Me A PIG!!!

    lol, wife was the one taking the pictures. the other guy lived in the property next door to where I rolled it. alright alright WE ALL know who the real dumbass is here. yes I agree with the tying off as well except the nearest tree I could tie off to was further than the rope/cable/chain I had...
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    Ma!!! I Killed Me A PIG!!!

    So the story goes like this... Took my 1970 Toyota Landcruiser w/ 350 chevy down to the Russian river today to do some wheelin and play in the water. The old lady (not the car) and I got a little horny playing in the water. So we walked to the Cruiser to *talk*. Had a damn good time doing it...
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    NEWB... to power steering or not? 68 fj40

    Those of you with armsrong steering do you know what size tires the manual box from a '70 FJ40 can handle or does it just matter the size of the arms doing the steering?
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    Sorry, just don't get what shackle reversal accomplishes

    I've read all of your posts and read Jim's explaniation on the location of the shakles. My question is does the same that applies to toyota springs apply if you are going to put chevy springs on your rig?
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    Parting out '73 FJ40

    I'll give you $100 for the windshield frame, no hinges, no motor, just the frame.
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    Carb'd Chevy 350 Question - Carb backfire

    LMAO! I have seen this happen!
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    My 350 is angry at me/why wont it stay running?

    Let me know I would love to get a copy of it.
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    homemade storage tailgate

    PM'd you with questions.
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    soa help re rego qld

    I'll trade you my SUA's for your SOA's and give you the skyjacker lift with it.
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    fj40 DD?

    What this thread boils down to is are you a real Guy and can handle a some road noise, a bit of a bumpy ride, and a that faint smell of exhaust coming through the back window. Or do you have a hatchet wound between your legs, therefore, you are going to bring it like a bitch and shoud have never...
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    My 350 is angry at me/why wont it stay running?

    Brian,... out of sheer morbid curiosity I am going to rebuild my quadrajet, my holly truck avenger, and my edelbrock carb then will adjust all of them to make sure they are all working in tip top condition. Then I'm going to take them out on an obstacle course, and see who performs the best. I...
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    Can I get a Moment of Silence?

    Yes it is a V8. I got some good news today a friends of mine just junked an old truck he had laying around. Befoer junking it he took the carb off it, it happens to be a holly truck avenger. I also went rummaging through my storage and found a spare distributor cap and rotor. Just need to buy...
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