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  1. Tiamat

    For Sale For Sale: [SoCal] 1989 FJ62 Misc. Parts

    Sorry, just what’s listed above.
  2. Tiamat

    For Sale For Sale: [SoCal] 1989 FJ62 Misc. Parts

    Pictures of the radio
  3. Tiamat

    For Sale For Sale: [SoCal] 1989 FJ62 Misc. Parts

    Hi All, Clearing out garage. Below are some extra parts I have: 1. Radio Model 5433. Radio in good condition, all buttons solid click, all knobs present functional and without cracks. All radio functions working prior to my removal. $100 + shipping OBO 2. Seat Headrests. Good condition, no...
  4. Tiamat

    For Sale For Sale: [SoCal] 1989 FJ62 Front Driver & Passenger's Seat (No Fabric)

    Hi All, Selling a front driver and passengers seat without fabric from a 1989 FJ62. Seats are in good condition for age. $200 each OBO. Will not ship whole seat, but might be willing to part out & ship smaller pieces if no demand for the whole seat. Thanks,
  5. Tiamat

    Checking and changing motor mount

    I just wanted to add some additional thoughts for anyone who might come across this: check your exhaust clearance - with how mine was setup, the bottle jack and 2x4 would create more than enough clearance for the passenger motor mount, but the exhaust tubing was stopping the drivers side from...
  6. Tiamat

    Speedometer not working but Odometer functions fine

    Just wanted to provide an update, cleaning the speedometer gauge fixed the issue. I used a can of WD-40 electrical contact cleaner because it's pressurized but also not a harsh chemical like some other aerosol cans. Not my photo, but the area I highlighted is where I sprayed to clean out most of...
  7. Tiamat

    Speedometer not working but Odometer functions fine

    These two are both interesting thoughts. I thought about the speedup Complete setup, but not about just replacing the speedometer portion. I didnt think of finding a rebuilder either. I assumed it would be a gear, but based off this I will probably end up pulling and inspecting to see if I can...
  8. Tiamat

    Parting Out 1988 fj62 part out special Washington DC Virginia

    Hi, looking for a few different parts. If possible let me know if you still have & price. Thanks. - Speedometer - Oil Pressure Gauge - 4WD Switch (the push button one on the dash)
  9. Tiamat

    Speedometer not working but Odometer functions fine

    Cable hasn’t been replaced to my knowledge, although I’d have to double check. No bouncing on the speedometer needle, it just will max out the speed super fast. This is what I was thinking as well. So the cable itself does control the odometer output correct? I haven’t actually torn the housing...
  10. Tiamat

    Speedometer not working but Odometer functions fine

    Hi everyone, First off, thank you everyone for the information on these forums. Pretty sure without this site I wouldn’t be able to keep my truck running. My question is this: I have a 1989 FJ62. The Odometer functions fine (I’ve measured against known distance, given the 33” tires its within...
  11. Tiamat

    Builds 10/88 FJ62LG-PNEK my girl the " Ghost "

    I believe they may both be the same person. Based on posting history, Kangaroo_chaser appears to have lived near the Dallas area. Birthday on profile indicates he’s early 40s. The Sean Walding in the gofundme has links to the city in Oklahoma, but also cities right outside of Dallas Texas...
  12. Tiamat

    SOLD 60/62 04/86+ BMW Seat Brackets

    Hello, Looking to see if anyone has a set of the Torfab seat brackets for the 62 series. Let me know if you have a set you’d like to sell. Thanks!
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