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  1. sedonut

    Merry Christmas to all GX forum members and Mudders

    When I was a kid I always looked forward to Christmas. Now I have to buy my own presents, but they are the best ever. Blessings to all !
  2. sedonut

    FJ40 frame off restoration Help.

    If it was me I would bring everything I could recover back home and finish the restoration myself. That would assume the owner had the mechanical skills, the inclination and a place to restore it. Another option is to take a whole bunch of pictures and try to sell it quickly as is/ where is...
  3. sedonut

    STOP me from buying a Raptor R!

    If I had unlimited money, I would buy whatever I wanted. Since I had unlimited money I would have a fleet of cars. If I had unlimited money I would sell every new Ford, Dodge, Chevy or Mercedes just before the warranty ran out. As I don't have unlimited money, I drive a Toyota.
  4. sedonut

    Building a carport using Billboard vinyl

    I have a similar frame, I just screwed metal roofing 319526242, it holds up to snow and the Arizona sun. I bought it used, and I have moved It 3 times. Other than a few extra holes from moving , it holds up great.
  5. sedonut

    The Perfect Land Cruiser: The FJ Company's Reimagined And Modernized Take of A Classic SUV

    I think most on Ih8mud find is more than half the pleasure is to restore and drive an original classic Toyota . I know that is my feeling. Even if I had $250,000 to drop on what is basically re-bodied , a replica, I would rather have my original. All of the drivetrain is modern, and he says...
  6. sedonut

    Buddy's '72 FJ40 to Sell

    If I were going to flip. it, I would find a correct hood and have it painted. Have it re-wired with a correct loom. The aluminum radiator is cool, but it will bring more with a stock radiator. Correct hubcaps. Remove the inside lights. Remove the winch. Maybe find a set of correct seats although...
  7. sedonut

    Buddy's '72 FJ40 to Sell

    Funky air cleaner , Harbor Freight winch, extra vents in the hood, billy goat hood ornament. Those item scream cheap. The paint on the passenger door has a ton of orange peel, not the hallmark of a high dollar paint job. I'm not saying your friend didn't spend a lot of money. It really needs...
  8. sedonut

    Preparing to Sell My Buddy's '72 FJ40

    Put it on, take a couple of hundred pictures. Look at the past sales there for a value. Put it on at no reserve, it's a small risk but it attracts more bidders. It will bring a LOT more money original than with Porsche seats. If you want to post a few pictures here you will...
  9. sedonut

    GX460 Catalytic converter protection

    I just installed Talons Garage Catalytic converter shield. Looks sold, fit well, easy install. shop-gx460 $345 plus shipping No affiliation with the seller other than I liked their product.
  10. sedonut

    Skid Plates and Catalytic Converter Shield for GX460

    I just installed a Talons Garage shield. shop-gx460 $345 plus shipping. Looks solid.
  11. sedonut

    Faded front bumper - repaint or replace?

    Get some estimates on the repaint, you may be shocked on how much it costs. Then you can decide if it is worth going to an ARB. Personally I prefer the ARB even over a nice stock bumper.
  12. sedonut

    100 Series Salvage/Rebuilt Title

    I would take a bunch of pictures and keep the repair receipts so when you go to sell you have proof. It's going to affect the value negatively on resale, so you have to guess if you make enough on the insurance/repair difference to make up for it. It sounds like it will only be "little"...
  13. sedonut

    My FJ60 has a fully boxed frame, PO replaced the C frame with fully boxed.

    I would think it would change both the flex and the strength of the frame. As you have already bought it I would just go with the frame is probably stronger and enjoy your truck. Would I spend a fortune restoring it , no. But it is a north eastern truck. Don't over think it.
  14. sedonut

    Price range for a 2006, 185k miles, no rust and well maintained with records?

    When in doubt, wait. I've never had to hesitate when I knew it was a great deal. The other point is you don't need one, if you don't need it why would you ever think of overpaying? Real estate is crashing, the stock market is crashing, gas is not cheap and may go up. Used cars are starting to...
  15. sedonut

    The wall f***ing won

    Paintless dent repair on the small dent and an ARB bumper which might add to the value of the car depending on the buyer. An ARB bumper would add to the value for me.
  16. sedonut

    Extremely high repair bill on 99 LX470. Does this look reasonable at all?

    Unless you are willing to do the work yourself, a 300,000 mile vehicle will be EXPENSIVE to maintain. Especially at a dealer. I'd find out what they offer you and then sell it to a private party for 2-3 times as much, that is if you don't want to do the maintenance yourself.
  17. sedonut

    What do you think the easiest engine swap is for your average idiot?

    I'd go for the LS motor. Just know even the average moron will need a lot of patience. I swapped a 4BT into a Land cruiser 40. I got tired of working on it and let it sit for a year. It turned out nice, after a multi year project. Patience grasshopper.
  18. sedonut

    Value of a 1979 FJ 40

    It really depends on what you want to end up with. I think if you took it to a shop to fix the rust and a complete repaint you would be looking at easy over $15.000.00 for the work. So, if you paid $15,000, $15,000 for paint and body. Then the interior and mechanical. You have a $40,000 cruiser...
  19. sedonut

    New purchase question - how many miles is “too many”?

    A well maintained Toyota will go a million miles. Will it do it just adding gas, oil and tires, no way. Other things wear out, seats, switches. It's far better than most cars, it's not a perpetual motion machine. I'd say any car with over 150K miles is going to have some issues. Even a...
  20. sedonut

    1972 FJ40 “for sale”……the 40 market?????

    Delusional seller. I don't think you are far off at $5000.
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