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  1. Escape Artist

    Suspension noise?

    Also, might take a quick look at the upper control arm ball joint boots ... make sure they are in good shape. If there is a small tear the grease can seep out and dry up the joint a little bit - then it starts squeaking just a tad at the beginning like getting out of an old bed kinda sound. My...
  2. Escape Artist

    WDYD Interior Resto

    What is that pink stuff? Insulation or sound-deadening material? Doing away with the third row? I'm curious as I will be doing the same in the spring I think.
  3. Escape Artist

    06 with AHC and clacking DS front end sound that goes away in High Mode

    Those of you saltier than I am - can you shed some insight before I go about replacing a bunch of stuff? I have an 06LC with the AHC that just turned 100K miles. Stock AHC suspension but I do have 35" tires. I recently developed a clackety-clack sound on the DS front when traversing bumpy roads...
  4. Escape Artist

    35 in tires on 100 series.

    Specs for the tires are 34.6" I measured them unmounted (pencil against the wall technique) with 45psi at 34.9" so pretty close. At 80psi they would likely be a mm or two taller. They are a little less than 10" wide and SUPER quiet. The same tire in 35x12.50 measures 34.8" so likely about 4mm...
  5. Escape Artist

    35 in tires on 100 series.

    All works well, need to reshape or relocate my washer fluid bottle. Stock suspension and 35’s with 20mm body lift. Stock bump stops. Zero offset … and yes I had to do the pinch welds. Rear tires tuck under fender at full articulation just barely and the fronts are about a ¼ inch clear at full...
  6. Escape Artist

    Revolution 4.88 Gears for 100 series

    I ordered a set … 06 cruiser. I just ordered the gears T9.5-488 part number for rear ring and pinion and T8-488R-29 for the front. Mine has the 29 spline flange. I didn’t need bearings or pinion flange as I have oem new. But dealing with Revolution Gears has been a poor experience. Four months …...
  7. Escape Artist

    LC100/LX470 Part-Time Conversion Discussion

    Hmmm … I love the way these hubs look. I have a set of raceline beadlocks and there’s no center caps available … I would love to figure out how to replace those dust caps with these hubs. But it seems like I would have to do the entire conversion? I’m not really looking to do it part time...
  8. Escape Artist

    Steering Wobble Post 35's

    Do you think it was a manufacturing defect in the bore size? Anyway to swap the rears to the front for example and see if that gap is still there? I know those front hubs can be a little finicky, I had a custom set of beadlocks made by race line with a 110.3 bore … zero offset. I have a 2006 and...
  9. Escape Artist

    Engine shutting off during long trips.

    I had similar symptoms, recently upgraded my alternator ... Yesterday when I went to the store and I came back outside the cruiser wouldn't start. It was like it was vapor locking! I was wondering if this could somehow be tied to the alternator maybe it was pushing too much juice to the fuel...
  10. Escape Artist

    Lithium Starter Battery

    UPDATE: My Dakota Lithium start battery is now toast. Here’s a valuable learning experience that I wouldn’t mind sharing if it saves anyone else the trouble. This battery will accept as much charge as the alternator will give out, being that I have an aftermarket alternator it was pulling...
  11. Escape Artist

    Lithium Starter Battery

    I just put the 130 amp hour lithium iron phosphate deep cycle dual purpose battery as my start battery. Here’s what I found out so far, the BMS system will prevent the battery from charging at below freezing temperatures, but it will start the vehicle down to about -20 Fahrenheit. The battery...
  12. Escape Artist

    Brittle alternator plug disintegrated.

    Yeah this is turning into a mystery ... at first I thought they gave me one for a Sequoia ... then I saw so many posts with the three pin connector ... BUT then I noticed that the 200 series uses a 4 pin so I thought maybe the goofed up on the model year. THEN I am seeing that the 100 Series...
  13. Escape Artist

    Brittle alternator plug disintegrated.

    What am I missing here? I just got a high output alternator and this is the connection on the back it doesn't look anything like what it's supposed to. Should I return it? Otherwise it's a pretty good 250 amp alternator from Tucson alternators. Looks like for the Tundra and not the Land Cruiser?
  14. Escape Artist

    Best Alternator Replacement

    DC Power makes a great alternator. I ordered the 270 amp version, I was looking for an alternator that was either made in Japan or made stateside so bingo! However, I just got an email from them today saying that they don't have any more parts that they need to make these alternators for the...
  15. Escape Artist


    Here is what I found out ... does the high range underdrive also affect the low range ... yes ... slightly. Stock idler (39t) / stock input (33t) ~ 1.182:1 UD idler (39t) / UD input (31t) ~ 1.258:1 1.258/1.182 = 1.065 Where in high range the UD set output (34t) / input (31t) gets you 1.097 and...
  16. Escape Artist


    Just curious if I install the 10% under drive high range gear set, would that also have any effect at all on my low range gearing? I’m going to order some gears from Cruiser Outfitters in the morning.
  17. Escape Artist

    What you need to know about 100 series aftermarket wheel options

    I just ordered these …. 17x8.5 with -6 offset and 35’s. Woah … I know what your thinking but let me elaborate. I realize I’m moving everything outboard 66 mm and making the vehicle track about 5 inches wider overall. And at first glance it might seem I’m gonna be buying new fenders. But … BUT …...
  18. Escape Artist

    Voltage meter dipped to 11 and stays ... no battery light.

    I found another battery ... group 27. Got that one. Tested again and says the voltage regulator is not working properly. Seems that's what drained the battery and why sometimes I would get 14 volts of charging and sometimes it would read 11 volts while I was driving it seems. Wondering if...
  19. Escape Artist

    Voltage meter dipped to 11 and stays ... no battery light.

    Yes battery symbol illuminates before starting. It is "trying to charge" it seems intermittently ... I got another bump just right and voltage went up. I can not find any loose wires. Ground is good etc. At a shop now and they actually have a battery tester and telling me they think the battery...
  20. Escape Artist

    Voltage meter dipped to 11 and stays ... no battery light.

    On the way back up to the US currently Nicaragua. I noticed that my voltage guage was reading lower than it should ... maybe 11 or so. No battery voltage light ... group 31 battery 5 years old. Headlights aren't dim or anything and she starts up fine ... I stopped, checked terminals etc. I...
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