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    Cranking strong but won’t start

    Hey guys got a bit of an issue Was disconnecting the batteries to change the clutch on my fan (1994 80 series GXL AUTO, 1FZ-FE) and arced on the radiator mount while undoing the terminal Changed everything, put battery box and shroud back in and now she won’t start, I took a test light and...
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    Ongoing Speed sensor problem

    Hey guys I have a 94 GXL 1FZ fe automatic transmission (A442F) a couple of weeks ago the check engine light came on and the scan said speed sensor #1 , fast forward, replaced the speed sensor and still getting the check engine light Transmission shifts good until the check engine light...
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    Speedometer sensor?

    Hey guys just a bit confused and probably a silly question I have a 1994 GXL 80 series, 1FZ-FE ,A442F AUTO, check engine light was coming up and throwing the code for the #1 speedometer sensor Now looking at replacements I don’t mind going aftermarket however am not actually sure which...
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    Idle air control valve?

    1994 GXL
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    Idle air control valve?

    Hello gents 1 FZ FE question A few weeks ago I started having problems on start up, which I thought was a head gasket/ cracked head (was starting strange; rough mainly and bogging down, white smoke) so I had it fluid tested and nothing Gave it a new set of leads and plugs thinking it may be...
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    Strange grind when shifting into reverse from park

    Hey guys have inherited an 80 series off my late father 4.5L petrol automatic 94 GXL I’m getting this grinding noise only sometimes when I’m shifting from park to reverse and drive, only when the car is cold, shifts perfectly doesn’t drag out or get stuck Car has done 630,000 kms so nearly...
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    Accelerator/throttle cable adjustment

    I’m looking to replace the throttle cable all together as it’s had a really hard life! but but all of the 4WD places here in aus are saying that they’re ‘no longer avalaible’
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    Accelerator/throttle cable adjustment

    Hey guys Just wanted to know if anybody had anything in their FSM about the correct adjustment on accelerator and throttle cable for a 1FZ FE ? Was doing the spark plugs and while trying to get to plugs 4-6 I may have either stretched something or put it out of whack, pedal stays slightly...
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    CV Joint question

    Hey guys Done a cv joint last night, have the dreaded clunk, now time to buy a replacement. My 80 is a 94 GXL the tag reads 94/4, now I’m curious as to what changed in 94/5? and was may the true start date for the new design? only curious because I need to know what to order. Sorry about all...
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    Noise driving me crazy! Can’t find the source

    Hey mate not as of yet, didn’t bother to check as they are only 4 months old but will do a quick check
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    Noise driving me crazy! Can’t find the source

    Hey guys I have this high pitched squeal when veering to the left, almost like brake wear indicators by veering I mean the steering wheel is 10-11 o’clock going around a bend, it goes away once I go further to 9 or straighten up to 12 o’clock, goes away when I brake. had the sound before...
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    Transmission plug question

    Just checked tag it says A442F
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    Transmission plug question

    That poses another question, how would I tell the difference? mine has the overdrive button on the gear stick if that means anything
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    Transmission plug question

    Hey guys first time poster I have a 1994 GXL 80 series 1FZ auto Wanting to drain the transmission sump but not sure what the part number is for the proper aluminium crush washer, nobody at the auto-shops knows what they are, they keep trying to sell me regular copper flat washers Can...
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