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  1. Archengine

    Wanted FJ60 poweer steering gear box

    I am in need of an FJ60 power steering gear box for a conversion. Needs to be complete and at least be rebuildable. PM me with what you've got. Thanks. Rob
  2. Archengine

    unassembled Orion for sale

    I have for sale an unused, new-in-box Orion for sale that I purchased a few years ago. It was manufactured after they solved the popping out of gear problem. I can't remember the s/n, but somewhere around 300 if memory serves. It is like new, in factory box, no rust, with everything still in...
  3. Archengine

    late model Fj40 parts for sale Ky

    I have a fair amount of miscellaneous parts for sale. These mostly have come off of either a 1979 fj40 or an 1982 fj40. I have an album linked for all the photos hosted on Imageshack. I have so many small pieces, so I grouped a lot of them together to limit the amount of photos necessary. I...
  4. Archengine

    Wanted WTB: Fzj-80 rear towing hitch assembly

    I'm looking for a rear towing hitch assembly for my 1996 80 series. I am located in Ky, so local pickup would be great, but will probably have to get one sent. Send me a pm. Thanks
  5. Archengine

    Wanted WTB 285/75 or 305/70 tires either 16 or 17 inch diameter in KY

    Thought I might look here before ponying up the dough to buy some new tires. I'm looking for 4 good tires, either AT or MT, and am not picky about rim diameter. I am hoping for some tires within a few hours drive of here for a reasonable cost. Let me know what you have. Rob
  6. Archengine

    What is the SST # for the nuckle bearing shim tool?

    I went to my Toyota dealer to ask about borrowing the tool that allows you to measure what shim size you need in the knuckle to center the axle. He seemed happy to lend it to me, but said he would have to look up the SST# so that he doesn't have to dig through the boxes in the warehouse. What...
  7. Archengine

    Please Help! Diagnosing front end noises

    I recently bought a 96' FJ80, 85,000 miles, with factory lockers. After a few months I started to notice a sound coming from the front right wheel whenever I was turning right and accelerating. The noise is like a 'whump...whump...whump....' sound. It gets louder the faster I try to...
  8. Archengine

    How to tell if oil pump was installed without dropping pan???

    I have a motor about to go into my truck, that I have cleaned up and replaced the gaskets on. Unfortunately I haven't worked on the motor in about 6 months, and came across two oil pumps in my parts area. I'm quite sure I only had one spare. So I'm not sure that I installed it after I...
  9. Archengine

    Wanted clean 80 or lx450

    I am looking for a well maintained 80 or lx, within 300 miles or so of ky. I prefer a lower mileage unit, but good maintenance records could push the acceptable mileage out to 160k miles. Prefer locked, one or two owner truck. Original is perfect, but mild mods such as arb front and rear...
  10. Archengine

    Advice on which x-fer to rebuild?

    I am about to pull the motor out of my 79 fj40 and need some advice. I have a decent tranny in my 79 but a shot transfer, as in cracked and dying. I have a tranny/transfer from a 82 fj40 that would need full rebuilding. What I'm wondering is would the split case from that combo, if restored...
  11. Archengine

    Oil pressure dropped to zero?

    I'll try to make this quick. Around a year ago or so my oil pressure dropped down to around 8 psi at idle after a 300 mile trip on the highway. Since then, my pressure has stayed around 8 psi at idle, or around 10-12 psi per 1K of rpm, at operating temps, around 60 psi at cold startup.. Two...
  12. Archengine

    What other transfer cases are passenger drop?

    I'm trying to get a conversion thought out so I may start gathering parts. Problem is, I want both axles to be the same, weather this is stock cruiser axles, both driver off-set what have you. I've searched a lot, and can't figure out if any will allow retention of cruiser transfer. Dana 300...
  13. Archengine

    Who has the best brackets for rear disc brakes?

    I could just get the MAF brackets, but figured I would see who else makes them.....the ones for the chevy calipers and discs. Thanks
  14. Archengine

    35x14.5x15 Mickey Baja Belteds

    A set of 4 Mickeys for sale, 55-60 percent tread left, some chunking, some scrapes, though a good set off 4 wheeling tires with life left in them. I'd like to get $250 for the set, which is the cost of one of them new. I'd like to sell them locally, as shipping them would be a pita, but will...
  15. Archengine

    Sudden loss of oil pressure, need advice.

    Well, a quick background, I have had good oil pressure for 7 years or so, roughly around 14 lbs per 1000 rpm at operating temperature. Yesterday, I went to Slade, Ky, spending roughly 12 hours or so comuting and on the trails with little problems regarding oil. On the ride home, I noticed I...
  16. Archengine

    GM v8 bolt patterns

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if the Aurora 4.0 v8 has the same bolt pattern and output as the standard small block?
  17. Archengine

    Hardtop assembly

    Or is it better to set my side panels on my body, attach the rear crossbrace and windshield braces, then align fiberglass roof and bolt down? This was all taken apart for a derusting and paint, and is going on an aluminum body without the holes drilled yet for the doors and topper. If I mess...
  18. Archengine

    Crossing my fingers!!

    I'm leaving for a trip to visit the family for Christmas with my girlfriend on Tuesday. From Ky to Ct, then Vt, Ny, and back to Ky. Needed new tires and couldn't seem to get the Parnelli Jones' I was looking for, so I bit the bullet and ordered the 35x15.5x15 Baja Claws bias. No power...
  19. Archengine

    Would this work for hy-steer?

    Would it be possible to remove the steering arm mounts from the knuckles (?), turn them upside down so the bend faces up, netting around 2 inches or so of tie rod clearance? I know that you would have to swap them from side to side aswell, to clear the tires, and therefore shorten the tie rod a...
  20. Archengine

    Where have the affordable door pins gone?

    CCOT is sold out, SOR wants $23 with only 8 bushings included. Noone else sells them that I 've checked today and last night. And how many bushings are needed for both doors in total, SOR wants $1.50 per extra bushing, a 2 cent f'n bushing. What size are the pins and bushings, ID, and OD...
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