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  1. BrickRunner

    Harumi the Rusty Rescue HJ60

    It's a bit toasty outside so I suppose I can take a break and finally start my build thread. I picked up this HJ60 back in May have been slowly working out all the bugs. It runs and drives, but leaks... 2H Engine with H55F 5 speed PTO Winch (functional) Factory Limited Slip Full Float Rear...
  2. BrickRunner

    1989 4Runner R150F Rebuild

    Last December I went on an awesome trip to Death Valley With the family. We took the 4Runner of course. Four adults in a 1st gen is a tad cramped for a long trip like that... ...anyway, on the way back, about 20-30 miles north of Mojave, 5th gear disappears. Uh oh! Downshift to 4th and cruise...
  3. BrickRunner

    Japanese Window Decal Translation Help

    My JDM HJ60 has a decal on one of the rear windows. The software image translations have been, well... ...humorous. Any mudders able to translate this?
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