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  1. djzimms

    1997 LX450 Transmission & Transfer Case Replacement Help

    Hello, I'm located in the Tucson, AZ area. I actually spoke with Jonathon in the Tucson area, and he has a transmission & transfer case and offered to swap out for me for $1600. He was finishing up a head gasket job, but I've sent him a couple of follow up messages on Facebook that show no read...
  2. djzimms

    Transfer Case? Transmission? Where to begin...97 LX450

    1997 Lexus LX450... Yesterday, after heading back to Tucson from SW Colorado, climbing a hill, there was a loud crack and a bang, sounded like a rock came off the hill and hit a couple of things underneath (not an actual rock in this case), and following, I couldn't drive faster than 50-55, and...
  3. djzimms

    2 Issues I'm Looking for Help Diagnosing...A/T Oil Temp Light & New Power Steering Pump

    First Issue: A/T Temp Oil Light... Background...I drove in 2H on the beach & the A/T Temp sensor came on, followed by a fire where there was a slight amount of transmission fluid coming out which caught fire. I had a shop in the Seattle area drop the transmission pan, replace the filter & do a...
  4. djzimms

    Ballpark Estimate...transmission fluid flush, replace filter and gasket.

    I'm being told $750, seems really high. What say you ladies and gents?
  5. djzimms

    For Sale Tucson, AZ - Multitude of Parts Left from Part Out of 4 80 Series. 1996 LX450, 1992 Cruiser, 1996 Cruiser, 1997 LX450

    Here's a thread to the post on Facebook Marketplace where the formatting of the product list is easier to understand. Link below of all photos in google photos album. I’m moving in a month and everything thing must go whether to you or the junk yard. Deep discounted prices on everything left...
  6. djzimms

    For Sale Simple Mod I love & Stereo/Amp/Console/Console Speaker/Etc. for Sale

    So, today I did a downgrade to upgrade after upgrading my stereo and speakers. I put a 1992 center console into my 1997 LX450 which gives me more storage &!!! an extra cup holder or two (debating on adding the old console cup holder into a position for the passenger. With that, I'm selling my...
  7. djzimms

    Redoing DS Knuckle - Ring on Axle is Really Dug In - Best Solution?

    So, I got the axle off with the PVC pipe method without too much trouble. Upon inspecting the ring, it's really dug in. So much so that the two points of the C stick out pretty far past the splines. I was told by someone the other day who redid his knuckle that his mistake was not pushing this C...
  8. djzimms

    MUDShip LX450 Hood from Tucson, AZ to Carson City, NV

    Anyone traveling from Tucson, AZ area to Carson City, NV over the holidays and want to make a little money for your travel plans to pickup and dropoff an LX450 hood? I'll connect you with the buyer in order to discuss cost, but for now, just throwing $100 out there as a random number.
  9. djzimms

    Wanted Help with Delivery of Sold Item

    I had heard that there was somewhere to post to see if Mud members were traveling from one destination to another and would be willing to accept a payment to help deliver items. I have someone who wants to purchase a LX450 hood from me, but...the local Pakmail is stating over $500 from Tucson...
  10. djzimms

    Keeping Cigarette Lighter on When Vehicle Turned Off

    I'm curious if anyone has a quick fix (or not so quick fix) for something I'd like to change about factory settings with the cigarette lighter. I'd like to make an adjustment so that the cigarette lighter can still charge small items here and there when the vehicle is turned off. Seems like...
  11. djzimms

    Puzzle to me - hose location help

    Okay...I'll probably always call myself a newbie, considering the first time I ever changed my own oil was just a few months ago. Thanks to Mud, I've now replaced my alternator, starter, installed new u joints on the rear drive shaft and cleaned it up. Going to install tonight. Now, here's my...
  12. djzimms

    U Joint & Drive Shaft Splines Greasing Questions...

    Questions on greasing the splines/drive shaft & u joint... I've pulled the rear drive shaft (and marked alignment). I replaced one u joint, man, that is not a fun job. On the second u joint, as described in another forum, I put a little grease in the caps. Also, between getting the first set in...
  13. djzimms

    My 80 went swimming help...

    So, what we thought was sand, ended up being quick sand. Literally, my truck was 4' deep at about a 45 degree angle. Had a shop clean out much of the mud, none got into the engine, and I've now installed a snorkel in case I run into quick sand again. My problem...there's been a...
  14. djzimms

    Rear Sway Bar Link on 2.5" OME Lift 80 Series Question

    Recently while riding in Moab, I bent/damaged my driver's side rear sway bar link. I'm looking to replace both sides with fresh ones. My question is, for a 2.5" old man emu lift on a 1997 LX450, should I look for 2" or 2.5" extended rear sway bar links, and if so, which would you recommend, or...
  15. djzimms

    Clear Rear Side Marker Lights

    Has anyone been able to find clear side marker lights for the rear fenders? There's clear for the rear, front corner side marker, front above the bumper turn signals, but I've been hunting and can't find that last set to make all the lights clear with colored bulbs.
  16. djzimms

    Clock Wiring Help - Putting Back Together

    First things first, the wiring diagrams make absolutely zero sense to me in terms of how to fix my problem from what I've seen. Secondly, I have no idea what I'm doing. Ha So, I initially dove into the dash to setup a monitor for a front facing camera on the bumper. Surprisingly, from my lack...
  17. djzimms

    For Sale (SOLD) OEM Headlights 80 Series/Land Cruiser/LX450

    Excellent shape headlights with no cracks and crystal clear. These are off a 1996 Land Cruiser. The mounts are in perfect condition. Asking $150 Each
  18. djzimms

    For Sale 2 Sets front turn signals 80 Series $25 each shipped ($40 Set)

    I have 2 sets of good condition not cracks front turn signals for Land Cruiser/LX450/80 Series. Asking $25 each shipped or $40 Shipped for a set. OEM Amber color.
  19. djzimms

    For Sale Right Tail Light(s) 80 Series OEM

    I have 2 right real tail lights off two vehicles. Both are in great condition. Asking $70 shipped OBO per each. Image: Willing to meet/beat any listed price for comparable item online by 10% including shipping.
  20. djzimms

    For Sale Hood Assemblies - 80 Series (Toyota Land Cruiser) (1996 LX450 Silver & 1996 Land Cruiser Black)

    We currently have 2 hoods. The first is a Silver Hood from a 1996 LX450 with no or extremely small unnoticeable dents. Has some sun oxidation. Images: Asking...
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