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  1. jcardona1

    Trying to fix the oil level sensor

    So I'm tired of the oil level warning light on the dash. Sure I could just ignore it or pull the bulb out but I'm trying to keep things in good working order. I think like many others, the plug has disintegrated over time leaving bare wires exposed. Luckily you can still find replacement plugs...
  2. jcardona1

    How to make rear windows work with tube doors?

    Have a unique issue I think - is there a way to get the rear power windows to work while running tube doors in the front? With the front doors removed, the master switch is gone and none of the rear switches will work. Is there a way to bypass the master to let the switches work independently? I...
  3. jcardona1

    HOW-TO: 5th Gen 4Runner Brakes on an 80

    I'm still finalizing the last few pieces of this upgrade but wanted to share the details with folks. I've seen a few other brake upgrades that involve different rotors and a bit of machining but in my opinion this is the easiest way to get bigger brakes without the extra work. I've seen a few...
  4. jcardona1

    Rock Solid Toys - DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY

    In case you guys haven't heard, RST / Rock Solid Toys has pulled a full Pelfreybilt. Website and social media accounts deleted, people scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars, chopped up and ruined trucks. Wyatt Scott has gone MIA. The latest development start on page 11...
  5. jcardona1

    Front vs Rear ports on master cylinder?

    I deleted ABS and LSPV on my truck several years ago. I'm working on a brake system overhaul and I came across something that's making me doubt my brake line routing. Which port on the MC goes where after ABS delete? I had always assumed the rear/side port near the firewall went to the front...
  6. jcardona1

    For Sale FJ80 Full Float Rear Third Member, non-locked / Sacramento CA

    Purchased this a few weeks ago as I was planning to start a 9.5" hybrid front axle build. Decided to change directions and thinking of going the one ton route. Stock open/non-locked 3rd from a '94, 4.10 gears. $250 + Shipping or pickup in greater Sacramento area.
  7. jcardona1

    Audio upgrade for the 21st century

    I was going to post in the What Did You Do With Your 80 thread but decided to make a separate thread since I have a lot of pictures and might be useful for others in the future. Over the last few weeks I've been working on a major audio overhaul. Audio was never a priority and I still had most...
  8. jcardona1

    Events/Trails Cruisers on the Con - a short film by @jcardona1

    This past weekend a few of us local guys hit the Rubicon and it was quite the adventure. To keep this tech related, here is a list of the damage sustained: - A few broken taillights, dents, scratches, etc. To be expected - Snapped front brake line (3 link suspension) - Hub studs sheared on rear...
  9. jcardona1

    SOLD 80 series tan leather front seats (Norcal p/u)

    Swapped seats in my 80 so no need for these anymore. Decent shape, driver's seat has the typical cracks. All power motors work, passenger seat gears need replacing. Rear legs were salvaged for my seat swap so you'll need to remove from your original seats or make new ones. Asking $80 for the...
  10. jcardona1

    Custom exhaust - spacing of 2nd o2 sensor after rear cat?

    Hey folks - how important is the spacing of the 2nd o2 sensor after the 2nd cat? I'm looking to run a short exhaust outside the frame using the Magnaflow y-pipe/front cat + Magnaflow universal rear cat. I then plan on running a short exhaust pipe with the smallest muffler I could find so it all...
  11. jcardona1

    SOLD FJ80 Radflo 2.5 rear Emulsion shocks & 5" OME Comp coils

    Redoing my rear suspension so all these parts will be replaced and no longer needed. Local picked up preferred but I can ship. Located in Sacramento, CA area (Rancho Cordova). Radflo rear 2.5" Emulsion shocks, 10" travel. $440 shipped These sell for $320 ea. Perfect for rigs up to about 4" of...
  12. jcardona1

    For Sale FJ80 OME 5" rear Comp coils

    Redoing my rear suspension so all these parts will be replaced and no longer needed. Local picked up preferred but I can ship. Located in Sacramento, CA area (Rancho Cordova). SOLD Sleeved/extended rear LCAs - $120 shipped These were built off the OEM LCAs. Sleeved with 1.75 x 0.1875" DOM...
  13. jcardona1

    SOLD YodaTEQ 80 series antenna/light brackets, pair

    With my new quarter panel armor these brackets won't fit so I have no need for them anymore. Few minor scuffs, aside from that nothing wrong with them. $80 shipped. Included passenger and driver side brackets.
  14. jcardona1

    Rear quarter panel armor - FINALLY!

    This is not going to be everybody's cup of tea so purists might wanna turn back now. For the past few years I've been wanting some rear quarter panel armor similar to what you see on the various Jeep platforms. Anybody who wheels their 80 will probably have a few scars and dents on her big ass...
  15. jcardona1

    Flat pitman for the FJ80 box?

    Looking for a flat pitman arm for stock FJ80 steering box, do they exist? Are pitman arms interchangeable between Toyotas? As in something like this: Pitman Arm, Drop - Trail Gear
  16. jcardona1

    9.5" diff armor, it does exist!

    Destroyed yet another one of these "low profile" drain plugs in the rear. It was completely loose when I saw it, luckily I didn't lose it on the way home. That would have sucked. The lip is completely shaved off. One of these days when the axle is torn apart I will plug the hole and add a large...
  17. jcardona1

    Deer Valley trail finally open

    Looks like Deer Valley trail is finally open from highway 88 all the way to highway 4. Anybody run it recently? What are conditions like? Never been on this trail and looking forward to checking it out in a few weeks.
  18. jcardona1

    SOLD Ironman Adjustable Rear Panhard - 80 series

    SOLD! Making some changes to the rear suspension so I have this thing up for sale. Paid about $220 for it, selling for $100. Located in Sacramento, CA area. Prefer local sale but I can ship on buyer's dime.
  19. jcardona1

    Looking for FJ80 rear upper control arms

    Hey folks - anybody have a spare rear upper control arm? Really only need 1. Could be bent, bad bushings, doesn't matter. I just need the sleeve that houses the bushing as I'll be redoing my rear links in the near future. The ones I have right now are adjustable so I don't want to cut them up...
  20. jcardona1

    With all the snow and storm damage, where can you go this weekend?

    Anybody got plans to do anything Memorial Day weekend? Was looking to do a day trip somewhere, no camping or wheeling, just hang out for the day. Looks like everything is either snowed in or closed due to storm damage. What are people doing these days?!
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