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  1. willsta2000

    Michelin XL 1100R16

    4 Qty 37" Michelin XL 1100R16 Mudders For Sale For sale: 4 qty Michelin XL 1100R16's "Military Mud tires". ~99% tread remaining 2 of them still had original sales sticker stuck to the side of them when I got them,... originally sold for $550 apiece, granted they were on military 8-on-huge split...
  2. willsta2000

    Bumper Hoop Legalities

    Got a question. I'm thinking of making a front bumper hoop, and one for the rear as well, for that matter, and am curious if that violates any bumper height laws. Granted, I've seen plenty of them on the road that are vertical or very near, but what I'd like to make is one that comes either out...
  3. willsta2000

    Engine Placement for LT1

    To start, I'm swapping a '95 Caprice LT1 350 into my '74 FJ40. I've already fabbed up my engine mounts, bellhousing mounts (I didn't want to use the AA style rear crossmember on the the t-case housing), and frame mounts, and welded them just where "I" want 'em. If you're not entirely familiar...
  4. willsta2000

    Looking for a tech article

    I've been looking for a tech article I saw awhile back, but I can't remember where I saw it. The article showed how to widen a Toyota minitruck axle by putting a spacer between the rotor and the plate the lugnut studs are mounted in,... if that makes sense. Been looking for it the past few days...
  5. willsta2000

    Chevy Clutch Qs

    I have a '95 LT1 350 that I am going to be swapping into my FJ in the next couple of months. I am putting an SM465 behind it, but have no flywheel or clutch as of yet. Do I want to go with an 11", or what exactly?? Can I go with pretty much any small block flywheel, or is there something...
  6. willsta2000

    Aerostar Coils

    I had a Cruiser buddy tell me about swapping Aerostar springs under a FJ. Has anyone else heard of doing this??
  7. willsta2000

    Got Pulled Over!?

    Yesterday on my way to work I got pulled over for not having doors on my FJ 40. Didn't get ticketed, but where can I find documentation stipulating it is acceptable to run w/o doors on heeps and Cruisers.
  8. willsta2000

    LT1 Swap

    Does anyone have any experience swapping an LT1 into an FJ40?? I have a chance to pick up an ex-police LT1, complete (intake, exhaust, sensors, computer, alt, a/c, etc.) and in good order, (about 300 hp, 300ft/lbs of torque) for $400, but I haven't seen any other cruisers with this swap. I...
  9. willsta2000

    High Compression Head

    I have heard references to a "high compression" head on mid-seventies Cruisers,... is this a myth?? Does anyone know casting #'s if this is the case?? Thanx WILL
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