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  1. Swintell

    Lower thermostat housing install

    Hey folks, What started as me having s leaky radiator has turned into a effort to clean out and restore the cooling system First I discovered my radiator leaked horribly after getting up to temp for the first time. Figured a new radiator was in order. (Thanks to the amazing Trigger66 who sent...
  2. Swintell

    Break warning switch leak

    1973 FJ40 I got a new master and wanted to plug the warning switches but for the life of me couldn't find the correct thread type so I broke down and bought some OEM switches just to plug the damn things. Anyways I've installed them and can't for the life of me get them to stop leaking. I've...
  3. Swintell

    73 FJ40 wiring help

    Hello, I have a 1973 FJ40 I'm fixing up and noticed my gauges where not working so I pulled the instrument cluster to make sure it worked (it looks to be in working order no burns and is relatively clean) Behind the cluster I noticed on the wiring harness a green and white wire was stripped...
  4. Swintell

    Break booster rust

    Anyone got more guidance for restoring the rust this part of the break booster. The break booster is good just got rusted from sitting with fluid for a long time. I have searched and searched and found a few things just hoping for some wisdom so that I don't mess anything up. Also the push...
  5. Swintell

    OEM VsS Reproduction Fuel pump

    Hello Cruiser experts! Super newbie here. I've had my cruiser for some time but due to life I wasn't in a spot to really tear into her for some time. Finally messing with her again after years of sitting. Anyways I'm not very mechanically inclined so bear with me if I say something stupid I'm...
  6. Swintell

    Bench seat in 74

    I found this bench seat in the back of my cruiser when I hauled It home today. I know it goes on the side but my question is can it have the roll bar with the bench seat
  7. Swintell

    New to the forums!

    Hello! I'm new to this forums and did not know where to introduce myself. I am new to toyota land cruisers and do not know very much at all about them. A couple years back my brother passed away at the age of 30. He left behind a Toyota land cruiser that was passed down to him from his...
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