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  1. sheptastic

    Sheptastic 2015 GX460 Build

    I've been putting this off since I'm still waiting on a bunch of parts to really get started on my build. Figured 3 months is too long to put off an introduction, though. I got my 2015 Premium in January. I happened to find one local with 71k, sepia interior, heated/vented seats, and 3rd row...
  2. sheptastic

    Water in the Way Back

    I'm stumped and concerned. I removed my 3rd row seats and seatbelts a few weeks ago when I ordered my drawers. When I did that I found some moisture under the seats. Seats were a bit damp, the floor on the driver's side was damp, and there was standing water in the floor grommets circled in red...
  3. sheptastic

    Non-winch Recovery Gear

    I keep finding more options for everything I buy, so I figured I'd ask some questions this time. Getting my 2015 GX ready for some camping this summer. It's a significant upgrade from my 2005 Forester, and my main goal now is to be able to drive trails/forest service roads that I should not have...
  4. sheptastic

    Used GX Dash Trim and Interior Light Replacement

    I've been lurking for a while and have a game plan for my "new" 2015 GX. While I'm working out details for some offroad upgrades, there are a couple things I didn't expect to fix. I just bought a 2015 GX yesterday and the previous owners did some things I want to undo. The interior lights are...
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