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  1. cruzrfan

    Wanted FJ40 parts

    Looking for defroster vents that go in the bottom of a 77 FJ40 windshield frame need both right and left also looking for the striker that the lock goes against for the gas door on a 73 FJ40 tub need 2 strikers as I have two tanks with factory gas fillers added Thanks Phil
  2. cruzrfan

    vin plate

    I'm looking for a picture of the VIN plate looks like for 73 FJ40 Thanks
  3. cruzrfan

    FJ40 half doors

    In search of some half doors for a 73 FJ40 that would accept best top uppers or could be adapter too thanks
  4. cruzrfan

    Rubithon Pictures

    Pictures I took one the rubithon
  5. cruzrfan

    info for starting a new club

    I'm thinking of trying to start a new wheeling club with some friends for a start what do I need to get this going???? any info would be a help :cheers:
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