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    O1 Tacoma Wheel Question

    Hey guys, looked everywhere for this answer but couldn't find it anywhere. I was wondering if 07 fj cruiser wheels will fit on my 01 tacoma TRD. The bolt pattern looks correct but I dont know about the backspacing. Any info would be appreciated and if anyone is running this setup let me know how...
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    pinnacle lift kits

    JT outfitters offes a 2.5 or 4 inch lift kit that looks like a good price for what is included. They call it the Pinnacle Enginering lift. Is there anyone out there who is running this lift and if so how do you like it? Just getting some opinions before buying a lift kit. Here is a link to...
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    Rusted rear channel

    The rear channel (just under the ambulance doors) needs replacing on my 40. What is the best way to go about this? CCOT has relplacement for lotsa bucks or TPI has an aluminum cover that looks like it would work good enough. I have also thought about building a new channel out of 2 inch square...
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