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  1. gilmorneau

    SOLD Colorado: set of 4 16 x 7 white spoke steel wheels

    Came on my HZJ75 pickup but I've bought new wheels/tires for that truck and no longer need these. Generic 16 x 7 steel white spoke wheels as pictured. Zero offset, so 4" backspacing. Fit on my 70-series without spacers and didn't seem to rub anywhere. Should fit any Landcruiser, Tacoma, or...
  2. gilmorneau

    SOLD Boulder, CO: 3rd Gen 4Runner Alloy wheels x4

    Set of 4 OEM 4Runner alloys with center caps. Good shape--no curb rash and very little oxidation. A couple of them have some brake dust stuck to them, but should clean up fine. Center caps are included, but could use a coat of paint as shown in the photos. Wheels are 16 x 7 with 15 offset...
  3. gilmorneau

    SOLD Boulder, CO: 16x7 steel wheels with 265/75R16 BFG A/T

    Four used but not used up BFG All-Terrains on 16 x 7 black steel rims. Wheels are 4" backspacing, which makes them zero offset. Bolt pattern is 6-lug Toyota 4x4. Tires are good enough, but hardly like new. $150 for all four (wheels + tires). Local pickup preferred.
  4. gilmorneau

    SOLD non-EGR Crosspipe for 1HD-FT

    I've got two of these as pictured. These are Australia-spec, non-EGR crosspipes for 1HD-FT motors. One has the boost port at 3mm inside diameter, the other one has a small restrictor (see photos for details). They are otherwise identical (except for one's a little dirtier). SOLD
  5. gilmorneau

    SOLD Colorado: 1997 LHD HDJ80, 1HD-FT Diesel, 3x Locked, 5-speed

    1997 Left Hand Drive HDJ80 from Europe. I bought this in France from the original owner. Currently shows about 313,000km’s (195,000 miles) Color is Moonglow Pearl /Gray metallic, code 1A6 1HD-FT 24-valve diesel motor H151 5-speed transmission Full-time 4WD Differential locks front, rear...
  6. gilmorneau

    FREE Boulder, CO: FREE Brush Bar for 70-series

    Came on an HZJ75 pickup I bought, but I'm not crazy about the look of it. If you show up at my house in a 70-series Landcruiser*, you can have it. Includes mounting brackets and nuts/bolts. Attaches to stock front bumper and frame. Stoutly made, not rusty or anything. Pretty sure it's...
  7. gilmorneau

    Sweet 1997 HZJ75 Pickup from France

    Several months ago a guy I know who's also addicted to overseas "for sale" ads emailed me to ask if I'd seen this truck for sale in France. I hadn't, but when I saw it, I was smitten. Kinda had to buy it--two long-term owners from new, original paint, original mechanics, no rust to speak of...
  8. gilmorneau

    Swiss Poverty Pack Barn Door HDJ80

    I've been lurking here in the 80-series forum occasionally, but up until recently I mostly spent my time in the 70-series forum. Anyway, I've got a "keeper" 80-series now, and thought I'd introduce it and myself here. I’ve been working on getting a car like this for quite a while, and now that...
  9. gilmorneau

    For Sale Netherlands: 1988 BJ75 Troopy Fire Truck 70k original miles, no rust

    As usual, not mine, no affiliation, but a noteworthy car if you can look past the red paint, the reflective tape, and the blue emergency lights. 1988 BJ75 Troop Carrier with a reported 112,000km original. Said to be garage kept, with no rust, and well maintained (hard to find rust free...
  10. gilmorneau

    For Sale Boulder, CO: Prado Owner's Manual

    Don't even know how I ended up with this, lol.... Owner's manual for a (I think) 1997 Prado. Probably Euro model. With 5VZ or 1KZ motor. No idea if anyone here even has such a car, but if you do and you want an Owner's Manual in English, here ya' go. $20/offer plus postage to my PayPal...
  11. gilmorneau

    For Sale Boulder, CO: Small Assortment of 3B motor gaskets, etc.

    Cleaning the garage and I found a few 3B parts. I no longer have any 3B powered trucks, so have no use for this stuff. $20/offer plus postage to my PayPal and it's all yours.
  12. gilmorneau

    A Proper Overland Adventure

    I got a text today from a German I know who's currently in Tunisia, headed to Mali. Proof positive that you don't need to buy one of everything at the Overland Expo or at the 4x4 store to outfit your truck for "overlanding", you just need to go. Here's his rig: Everything you need in a...
  13. gilmorneau

    For Sale France: LHD 1996 Troopy "Camping Car"

    Not my car, no affiliation, just saw the ad. Everybody wants a Troopy outfitted for "overlanding", and here's one that looks ready to go at not a terrible price. Seller claims 150k miles on it, no rust, well maintained, lots of maintenance already done, and it's outfitted for camping with a...
  14. gilmorneau

    For Sale Spain: 1988 BJ73 Orig Paint, 116k miles

    Sometimes I'll be perusing overseas "for sale" ads and come across a car that stands out a little from the rest. This one kind of did for me. Note it's not mine, I have no affiliation with the seller, and I've never seen the car in person, so everything I know about it I learned from the ad...
  15. gilmorneau

    For Sale Belgium: 1991 LHD HZJ80 5-speed Barn Doors Poverty Pack

    Not mine, no affiliation, just an interesting car. Not many like this available in Europe, and it's over 25 years old, so would be very easy to import if you want it. 1991 HZJ80, so has 1HZ n/a 4.2 diesel. 5-speed manual transmission. Center locking differential, but not front or rear. Barn...
  16. gilmorneau

    SOLD 70-Series Rear Bumper

    Left and right bumper halves for 70-series Landcruiser. Should fit 1985-1990 at least, maybe later. Came off an Australian Troopy. A little worse for wear and storage, but better than nothing if you need a bumper. Free if you can use it and come pick it up, or I'll ship it to you if you...
  17. gilmorneau

    SOLD JDM Swingout Spare Tire Carrier from an HDJ81

    Comes with everything in the photo: swingout carrier, latch, bumpstop, internal bracing (requires welding), hardware, and trim. Could use some clean-up with a wire wheel and Krylon, but it's solid. Relocated license plate holder not included. I was going to use this on my 80 but have changed...
  18. gilmorneau

    For Sale France: 1995 KZJ73 only 40k documented original miles

    Not mine, no affiliation, just a beautiful looking car. 1995 KZJ73. 63300 km's. Documented all original. Ad is here: Translation for those who don't speak French: "A legend is for sale. Exceptional Toyota Land Cruiser KZJ73 lx 3l turbo...
  19. gilmorneau

    Skinny Fender Flares--OEM Toyota? Where to get 'em?

    I've seen these skinny fender flares on some trucks in Australia and also in Europe. I like the look but don't know where to find them. Are they an OEM Toyota part? I can't find a part number for them if so. They definitely look specific to 80 series, not universal or whatever. Anybody know...
  20. gilmorneau

    For Sale Slovakia: 1990(?) BJ75 Pickup 92k miles, Cable diff locks, PTO

    Not mine, no affiliation, etc. etc. I sometimes see trucks for sale overseas that are interesting enough to post here, and this might be such a truck. Appears to be a late 1989 (or early 1990?) BJ75 pickup with surprisingly low original mileage--shows 148,000km, or just about 92,000 miles...
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