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    Noise upon deceleration... differential problem?

    Help needed with a 2001 LX470 with 116k miles that started making noise during deceleration. I've read through forums and have tried to check the possible causes for the noise, and I think I've more or less isolated the problem to the front differential. The sound seems characteristic of a...
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    Toyota part warranty voided if installed on LX470??

    The Toyota dealer tells me installing Toyota parts on my 2001 LX470 will void the warranty of the part even though the Toyota/Lexus part numbers are identical. This hasn't been an issue for me so far since most of the parts I've gotten haven't been too expensive, but now I'm getting a new CV...
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    Fuel line disconnected while on the road!

    This spring when we were driving on the dirt roads in the middle of the Carrizo Plains (CA), my LX470 (2001 w/ 100k) suddenly loss power. After coasting to a stop and popping the hood, we found gasoline was sprayed all over the plastic engine cover. We found that somehow the connector...
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