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  1. george_tlc

    Too many ring terminals on battery - already have a switch - suggestions?

    I have dual batteries and use a It gives me the option of selecting which battery (or both) or none. For normal day to day, it's set to none and the winch positive is isolated from the batteries and 'safe'. When winching, I just pop the hood and flip the...
  2. george_tlc

    Crimping electrical connectors... Sheesh...

    The jaws in the Klein above ARE for insulated connectors. There's also a jaw that allows crimping of insulated flag terminals (i.e. they are right angle wire exit). In general I don't like any of those sorts of connectors in vehicles other than to specific spade pins (some aftermarket fuse...
  3. george_tlc

    Crimping electrical connectors... Sheesh...

    A well executed crimp does NOT require solder. If you are going to solder, then the quality of the crimp (unless totally awful) will make little to no difference. The issue with solder is that it will typically wick itself up into the strands inside the insulation. You now have a brittle...
  4. george_tlc

    Watch out for those Anderson PowerPoles (Victron charger)

    I just use cyanoacrylate to join the pp together. A drop and slip the tongue/groove together and done. I don't like the rollpins since they do tend to strain/spread things apart. The glue is much better and I've been using it for many years without any issue. Not like I need to separate the...
  5. george_tlc

    Any hybrid techs here? Technical question

    Bit of web searching shows that the 1500w inverter runs from the hybrid's high voltage pack. So, forget about it running from 12V. Also consider that 1500W from 12V means 1500W/12 = 125 Amps before even factoring in (fairly high) efficiency losses in the conversion... Not going to get long run...
  6. george_tlc

    Suggestions for a DC to DC converter (/charger) ?

    ^ no, it's not magic at all... The DC gets pulsed (variable frequency/pulse width) into an inductor (magnetics), that can step up with one topology or down in another or with an H-bridge like switching structure to buck-boost and then filtered back to DC. Most DC : DC converters are running at...
  7. george_tlc

    Suggestions for a DC to DC converter (/charger) ?

    What you want will cost a lot - it's a niche requirement and will be priced appropriately. The moment you go buck-boost you're looking at a more complicated topology. Then you want voltage from here to there on the input and here to there on the output and a lot of current at the output. So...
  8. george_tlc

    Dud battery, or just not enough sunlight?

    ^ We just need people to use the units correctly AND consistently. The ARB can draw 5A and in an hour of typical use (where it runs 5 minute on and 15 minutes off) 5A x 15/60 = 1.25AH cheers, george.
  9. george_tlc

    Dud battery, or just not enough sunlight?

    My point is that whatever charger comes with a panel is more than likely not what it seems. There's a reason it's thrown in for essentially $0. A real MPPT charger has quite a bit of electronics, well beyond 'free'. And yes, I've been to Shenzhen multiple times for products that we manufacture...
  10. george_tlc

    Dud battery, or just not enough sunlight?

    Cheap "MPPT" that came with the panel.... Well, if it's the typical cheap from China and came with the panel, then it's quite likely not an MPPT, regardless of what they quote. Most are PWM and they put an inductor in there to pretend it's MPPT. So, I'd be looking carefully at that charge...
  11. george_tlc

    Dud battery, or just not enough sunlight?

    ^ What brand/model MPPT controller do you have. I use a Victron unit and have my fridge on the load side. No issue, voltage drop is minimal (more drop in the wiring). I like it on the load side since the Victron shows how energy usage by the load and of course energy coming from the solar. Let's...
  12. george_tlc

    Dud battery, or just not enough sunlight?

    Put it on a real charger (wall plugged) and monitor the voltage across the battery as it charges fully. Then load test the battery. Though it does sound like a dropped cell. cheers, george.
  13. george_tlc

    Fuse/distribution box

    Bunch of these connected together to make a distribution module Takes MIDI fuses (Littelfuse makes them amongst others). cheers, george.
  14. george_tlc

    Safe to mix wire gauges?

    Nothing wrong with extending with larger diameter wire. The real issue is that the wiring in the vehicle you are tapping into has a fuse to protect that wire in case of a short. 22 ga would be smaller than any of the stock lighting wiring and so could fuse if there is a downstream short (e.g...
  15. george_tlc

    Fridge 12 V cord to Anderson Plugs Questions? If you love using powerpoles and have a 3D printer :) cheers, george.
  16. george_tlc

    Announcement: Ecoflow Mini Wifi Review (portable battery & Solargenerator)

    Better :) cheers, george.
  17. george_tlc

    Fridge ventilation

    Looks pretty minimal unless the internal fans shift a decent amount of air. Anyhow, getting good airflow will make a big difference in fridge efficiency. Also, the side with the 1.5" clearance will be major cooling bottleneck, especially since the vents are essentially at ground level. I keep...
  18. george_tlc

    Fridge ventilation

    Is that the whole vent area (in and out) for the fridge? Seems way little if it is. cheers, george.
  19. george_tlc

    Fridge ventilation

    You could add some 12V fans. Many to choose from and you can trade airflow for noise level. That will help get air to circulate. And yes, from my own experience, air flow makes a huge difference to fridge efficiency and how long it runs. Trading a bit of amp.hour for small fans pays back many...
  20. george_tlc

    Old smart phone converted to switch panel

    How do you envisage using it and connecting it to control things? I smart phone would be the last thing I'd want to integrate into a vehicle that I expected to deal with dust/heat/cold/vibration and expected to work at the worst of times. cheers, george.
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