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    The cost benefit logic on tires is different?

    Hello, I paid $6.75/gallon at Costco today. I couldn't help but think about the difference between 10 and 11 mpg. My entire life the primary reasons to not inflate beyond the door sticker is due to inconsistent mpg improvements to justify the known expense, excessive tire wear, ride quality...
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    Why shouldn’t I: remove 2nd row keep 3rd for camping?

    Hello, Pre.S.: I tried searching but I couldn’t find anything on this idea. My issues: 1) I am 6’2” 250(pre 2020) 2) wife is 5’ and convinced lions and bears eat everyone. 3) 2 kids under 5 y.o. What I am working with: 1) 01 LX 470 2) still have 3rd row seats 3) a hitch basket/no roof...
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    2001 LX 470 with 236k miles is too comfortable, maybe a snorkel will fix the problem?

    Hello, I really appreciate all of the info that is available through this community. This post started as a thank you. Then as I wrote it out, I realized that my wife is going to steal my car. A month ago, I bought an 2001 LX 470 with 236k miles to replace a standard cab pickup that I take my...
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