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  1. d0ubledown

    For Sale 1998 Lexus LX470 Calgary, AB

    did this sell?
  2. d0ubledown

    For Sale 80 series 16" wheels for sale Charleston SC

    still for sale? how much extra would pulling the tires cost?
  3. d0ubledown

    ISO: 80 series wheels

    awesome greg, let me know what you find. thanks!
  4. d0ubledown

    ISO: 80 series wheels

    I did...but you bought them remember? :P I'm lookin for a friend...he just picked up a 3rd gen runner.
  5. d0ubledown

    Wanted 80 series rims

    looking for a set of 80 series wheels. let me know if you have any, and the cost. shipped to 98230. thanks
  6. d0ubledown

    ISO: 80 series wheels

    looking for a set of 80 series wheels...anyone know of any before i search down south?
  7. d0ubledown

    Pricing a 97 Land Cruiser

    if you can get it for 7500, thats a deal in my books.
  8. d0ubledown

    Local opinion on Interco tires

    i run 35" trXus on my 80. no problems with them whatsoever save for the extra weight which i feel and ate up a bit of my mpg's. 75ish# 315 KM+wheel combo vs 95ish# trXus+wheel combo. otherwise, the soft tire compound gave a VERY quiet ride compared to my first gen MT/R's and KM's. downside to...
  9. d0ubledown

    Anybody need e-brake pads for 92-98 gasser?

    if ya still have these andy im interested. i'll have to check how much life left in mine as they feel almost non existent...let me know. thanks.
  10. d0ubledown

    August Long Weekend 2012

    bugger! ive got a big bmx race that weekend (fri-sun) but can maybe do mon-wed. ive got wed-wed off. i think the weekend anywhere local is going to be a gong show full of undesirables... ill probably have full camp kit/trailer ready to go sunday afternoon when we get back as we'll be camping...
  11. d0ubledown

    Looking for a mountain bike

    the only used full suspension bikes you'll find on CL for $100 are the walmart/CT bikes you find new for $125. POS tanks. if youre going to be riding around the hood with the girls, you wont need any suspension. you can find decent bikes for close to that price if you look for hard tails a few...
  12. d0ubledown

    Excessive Cabin Heat

    I put in a couple layers of adhesive heat shield stuff under the carpet of the passenger footwell and tranny hump. also put some on the it above the downtube & over the cats under the truck. helped immensley...
  13. d0ubledown

    What you think of this tire/suspension combo?

    synth fluids wherever possible. engine running top notch. crank your tire as high as you can bear. change your driving habits. dont accelerate to a stop light. try to time your approaches to traffic lights so you dont have to come to complete stops. accelerate from a stand still very smoothly...
  14. d0ubledown

    EGR - Can it wait?

    fixed it for ya...
  15. d0ubledown

    EGR - Can it wait?

    my lack of functioning EGR actually made my mileage better. been enjoying the warm cel glow for over 2 years now. makes up for my lack of D light :steer: that said. if it were me, i'd ignore it for as long as you can...if it is insufficient flow code...P0410. the egr police will tell you to...
  16. d0ubledown

    Sliders- Need your input

    ive got stubbs sliders with kickout, and they work fine as steps for my 3, 7 and 9 year old. with the lil one i have to pull her up by hand, but she has no problem getting her feet up on the sliders to step in. no issues with roof access either. i just put some grip tape on em and all is good...
  17. d0ubledown

    Dead on side of road right now

    if alt is rebuilt and checks out OK, id be willing to be its a dead battery or regulator. had the same issue couple months ago. battery was about 4+ years old. charge light came on during the drive to work, but barely made it to the parking lot. couldnt start it after. wifey took me to the parts...
  18. d0ubledown

    80 Series Front Sway-Bar Drop Brackets Question?

    i just used some 1X1 square tube, cut it about 3-4" and drilled 2 holes. longer bolts and done. theres no exact measurement thats right or wrong...just as long as it clears the drive shaft. mine rubbed a bit when i went to 4" coils...but hasnt since installed the spacers...
  19. d0ubledown

    Colored rims

    gun metal for sure. at least thats my opinion. white mags not so much unless its a WRX or a tuner. not fond of black on dark, but black on white/grey looks good. at least with the gun should match well with black bumpers/sliders etc and wont get lost in the black tire. where...
  20. d0ubledown

    Bought new vsv and vacuum modulator still problems???

    delete/bypass/remove the EGR if you dont have smog testing. its useles, robs your motor of power and fuel economy. although some here may tell you otherwise...dont believe them. but if you absolutely MUST get it to work... check all the vacuum lines & ports. esp the one that goes through...
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