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  1. Bob_Garrett

    RTH needed in Benson

    We are on our way to CA on vacation and my 80 has lost a rear axle seal and is losing a lot of gear oil. Not sure I was to try to make it to Tucson. Anyone know of a place to get it fixed in Benson? I can do it myself, but don't have all the tools or parts needed. Any help or suggestions would...
  2. Bob_Garrett

    RTH needed near Tucson

    Just. made a pit stop in Benson, AZ and discovered that my right rear axle seal has failed and is leaking badly. Don't have any spare seals or a seal puller. At the rate it's leaking, I not sure if I can make it into Tucson or not. I could repair it here if I had parts and tools. Will likely...
  3. Bob_Garrett

    40 series on Fox4 web page

    Anyone on here?
  4. Bob_Garrett

    Home window replacement

    One of the windows in our house has lost its seal and will need to be replaced. Anyone have any recommendations for a local contractor? Thanks!
  5. Bob_Garrett

    Anyone know this 80?

    Co-worker in KC snapped the pic.
  6. Bob_Garrett

    Powdercoating in DFW area

    Anyone have any recommendations on places to get some wheels done?
  7. Bob_Garrett

    345/75-16 bfg km2

    If anyone is looking for a set of these for their 80, the Discount Tire on MacArthur in Valley Ranch has 3 of them in stock and can get a 4th. Seems that when they ordered me a spare, they put in 4 instead of 1 on the order. :doh: Took a month to get a set of 4 and 6 months for a spare.
  8. Bob_Garrett

    For Sale Goodyear MTRs 315/75-16 Dallas, TX

    Set of five of the old style Goodyear MTRs. Tread depth is 10 to 12/32s, except for the spare which has 16/32s. Quite a bit of rock rash, but no plugs. Spare has only hwy miles. Asking $300.
  9. Bob_Garrett

    GY MTRs for sale - 315/75-16

    GY MTRs for sale - 315/75-16 - SOLD Set of five of the old style Goodyear MTRs. Tread depth is 10 to 12/32s, except for the spare which has 16/32s. Quite a bit of rock rash, but no plugs. Spare has only hwy miles. Asking $300. SOLD!
  10. Bob_Garrett

    Source for metal tube in Dallas?

    Any recommendations for sources in the Dallas area? Preferably a place that is open on Saturdays.
  11. Bob_Garrett

    Looking for a good A/C shop in Dallas area

    Anyone have any recommendations on a good a/c shop? I need to replace my dryer and the expansion valve on my 80. I will likely do the installation of the parts myself, just need a place to recover the freon and then do a evacuate and recharge after the new parts are installed.
  12. Bob_Garrett

    40 in Fujitsu parking lot today

    Someone from mud? Has OK plates...
  13. Bob_Garrett

    Looking for shop space

    Since it now appears that my employment here in the Dallas area is likely to continue (as least for the near future) I need to find some shop space for my toys. Since we will probably continue to rent an apartment until we can sell the house in Kansas City, I need to find some shop space to rent...
  14. Bob_Garrett

    Texas bound... for a while at least

    As some of you already know, my job at Sprint was eliminated earlier this year. Since then I have been unsuccessful at finding any suitable work here in the KC area, so I have accepted a 6 month contract position with Fujitsu in the Dallas area starting Aug 4. I have really mixed feelings...
  15. Bob_Garrett

    Fun at Kansas Rocks

    Justin and I arrived at the park at a little past 8:30 Sat morning to find that we were the first to arrive and other than a couple of hardy mountain bikers and the park host, we were the only ones to arrive all day! That's right, gentle readers, for the paltry sum of $10 each, we had...
  16. Bob_Garrett

    Passat Owner - Check sunroof drains

    By Jeff Bier, 11/14/2007 Do you ever look at a piece of hardware and wonder, “Why, oh why, did they build it like that?” This is what I’m thinking as I look at my 2001 Volkswagen Passat, a car that is now completely dysfunctional because of an unfortunate (yet easily foreseen) intersection...
  17. Bob_Garrett

    Funny Pirate Thread Hopefully, he doesn't live near any of us! :eek:
  18. Bob_Garrett

    Bi-Week Rig 10/20 - Bob Garrett

    Here's my Bi-week rig: Purchased in 2004 from a friend who was the original owner. It had 250k on it, completely stock, except for 31" tires. First pic was taken just after I installed the lift and Marlin Hy-Steer. Engine is original, except for a new timing chain and guides. Still runs well...
  19. Bob_Garrett

    Asher Picnic Pictures on FJ Cruiser Website Also, check out the video from the Razorback Ramble with our very own Train (Don't follow Chris) Rech as trail leader. "You guys ready?" :cool:
  20. Bob_Garrett

    Prius Engineering

    As part of their "Under the Hood" series, a group of engineers from Tech OnLine did a teardown of a brand new Prius. I liked this.... "The Prius overall appears to follow the Toyota build philosophy: standard modules, bits and...
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