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    96 T100 with stolen cat, any worthwhile exhaust upgrades?

    Yup, the bastards cut the cat right out, mounting flanges and all so I have to replace the whole section of exhaust. And since I'm in CA, I have to use OEM cats to the tune of $1200... Any worthwhile exhaust out there or just go with stock?
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    Toyota T100 - good or bad?

    Looking for a pickup in the sub $5500 for hauling crap to and from the apartment building I manage. Also to be used as occasional commuter when I'm not on the bike or the Porsche. Most are in the 150k mi range. Any thoughts pro or con? Cheers!
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    OME Caster Correction install

    So...I have a little time to go and install the OME caster correction bushings on my 97 and I've lost the instruction sheet that comes with it! Can anyone point me to a copy? Or even fax me one? I'll be out of daylight soon enough... Cheers all!
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    eBay turbo manifold (another version) Cursory search reveals little, wanted to post it up here for the masses. Sorry if it's been covered!
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    1995 80 series, $4900 in NH

    No affiliation, just came across it on another board: Cheers!
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    80-series Rear Seat hinges (Oak, 1997)

    I took the easy way out and bought the reclining rear seat hinges for my 1997 80 ($$$) from Japan. I now have 2 Oak rear seat hinges from my rig. You can mod these to recline and keep your stockers. Great shape, oak color, hinges only...
  7. T tool now freeware?

    Is this the same tool that used to be at , still at but now free? I had been using a friends Autoenginuity software and was going to buy my own but this looks a tad more economical...
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    2.2Kw starter 'upgrade' thoughts

    Well, I've been trying to track down an intermittent starting problem: The solution was to get a used but good starter, disassemble, clean and check, and reassemble and use in the truck while I rebuild the not-so-good but only 2 year old...
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    Starter Issues (long)

    Ok, here's the background: Truck wouldn't start, seemed kinda like bad contacts BUT I couldn't here the solenoid engaging. I pulled the starter wires and tested voltage, got 12v to the main starter terminal and to the solenoid terminal when the key was in the start position. So I ordered...
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    Underdash wiring / birds nests / P.O. 'mods'

    So I had a challenging day wrenching yesterday. Had to replace the antenna mast that I broke loading the rack with the radio on :doh: Of course I had to pull the antenna unit out becuase the toothed cord was broken, not stripped. I found out that the mounting nut was stripped as well :doh...
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    Why no overhead grab-handle on driver's side?

    One of the first little things I did to my 80 when I got it was install a grab handle over the driver's door, same as the one over the pass. doors. My question is why the heck wasn't there one put there in the first place? Legal regulations? Was there one in ROW models? Bored minds want to...
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    Cruiser wrecking yards

    Anyone compiled a list of wrecking yards specializing in Cruisers? I may be getting into a project car and would need quite a few bits for 80 series. Just wondering what is out there? Name Location PH# / address website? specialties / notes Would make a great FAQ, well, at least for me...
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    Rotate yer cats!

    Well, after input from the forum (thanks to all) and much searching through CARB and MVC documentation I decided to forgo the aftermarket and illegal aftermarket catalytic converters. Instead I decided to rotate the cats 90 degrees for better clearance (also had a custom cat-back done at the...
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    Off-road snow adventure

    It may not be 100% LC related but it is off-road/recovery related... And it's funny as all heck...
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    Good idea / Bad idea

    Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Shortening the downpipe to the catalytic converters to increase ground clearance. Back story: I live in CA so it's completely illegal to replace the cats with anything non-OEM. I'm doing a custom cat-back with a Magnaflow muffler so the mounting height won't...
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    Why I work on my own Toyota

    So this Sunday I'm out in Kansas City in a line to see the faboo KC Cheifs stomp them Bills. It's early afternoon and I'm with family in their 97 Lexus Land Cruiser about 15 cars back from the gate. Our buddy arrived a couple hours earlier to secure a position at the front of the line to grab...
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    Cig. lighter not lighting (the radar detector)

    Hey: This weekend I plugged my trusty Valentine One into the little Y splitter in my cig lighter socket (other Y goes to cell phone charger so the wife can gab continuously without me having to listen) and after a few seconds, all went dark. I pulled the Y out and checked a couple of devices in...
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    Quick Optima update

    Just a quick FYI for those of you considering the Optima upgrade... The batteries you get from Pep Boys or Autozone will have the plastic spacer which helps the battery fit better. They don't like to order anything from Optima and don't believe there is an orange top or 34R anyway. So you order...
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    Auto shifter lockout

    Today after a FUNTASTIC weekend of helping my parents move with the LC the lockout that prevents you from shifting into gear without your foot on the brake broke. (NOTE: Ifin this happens to you, don't forget the little plug in front of the shifter pops out and you can stick a pen or...
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    Project FJ40 vs. 1992 Honda

    Got a call from the wifey-poo yesterday about 11am... "There's been an accident with the Land Cruiser in the parking lot, someone hit it while it was parked and..." DAMNIT! I just got the last two 'someone backed into it while parking' dents fixed (and an ARB out of one of them). My rig is...
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