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  1. jtb517

    Noise from engine on cold start - need help diagnosing

    I’m having a hard time tracking down a noise from the engine that only happens during cold starts. It sounds like someone playing a cabasa and gradually fades away after 2-3 minutes. I have a mechanics stethoscope and have listened to virtually everything I can think of under the hood. Checked...
  2. jtb517

    Truck broken into ... insurance won’t cover OEM glass

    My LX was broken into last night. Front left window was busted open. My insurance won’t cover OEM glass cost. Lexus dealer quoted me $450 for just the glass. Based on the description on the front windows, LX windows have a UV protective coating and sound deadening. I would like to retain...
  3. jtb517

    NWOR (Northwest Overland Rally) - Anyone interested in going?

    Looking to see if any 100 series owners have gone or are interested in going to NWOR. I know a few 200 series guys that are going. Sounds like a fun time. I’m in the Seattle area and would be down to meetup and caravan out to Plain/ Leavenworth. Dates for 2020 are June 18-21 NWOR Website
  4. jtb517

    Rocker Switch Wiring - Dimmer Help *SOLVED*

    I’m working on wiring some rocker switches and can’t get them to dim. I tapped into the illumination circuit using the green (+) and green/white (-) wires for the power and ground (unused cig lighter light circuit) to the main/lower light in the switch, but dimming isn’t working. When I have it...
  5. jtb517

    PMPCRSR Build Thread

    I'v been on here for a few months. I'm just now getting around to posting a build thread. I found a clean 07 LX at a Toyota dealer last year in the greater Austin area. One owner, roughly 142K miles, and a solid history of service at the Lexus dealer. It had been on the lot for a long time and...
  6. jtb517

    Instrument Panel Back-Lighting Not Working (Radio, Nav, Center Console) - Solved

    I was going through my LX470 and replacing burnt out bulbs this weekend and on the very last bulb I left the light in the on position. The bulb sparked and I lost the backlighting on the Nav, Radio, center console (shifter gear selector, AHC controls, heated seats), and panel to the right of the...
  7. jtb517

    SOLD Rare 100 Series OEM Cyclonic Air Intake

    For sale - Genuine OEM Toyota cyclonic air intake/cleaner. This is essentially plug and play and includes everything you need for the install. This will allow enough space to fit a second battery behind the passenger side headlight. PS reservoir relocation is the only modification required to...
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