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    Tundra 38gal fuel tank conversion

    Hey all, tried to search but couldnt find it, or it doesn't exist and I'm spinning my wheels. Is their a thread somewhere regarding swapping the 24gal tank on the 200 series with the 38gal tank from a Tundra? Thanks!
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    Turned away from alignment at firestone?

    Interesting occurrence yesterday that I wanted to see if anyone had this response anywhere else. I took our 2017 LC in to have an alignment done st the firestone location since I just put new ko2s on and it definitely was pulling to the right before hand. The firestone tech turned me away saying...
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    97 1fzfe smoking from back passenger side of engine with heater on doing radiator flush......?

    Anyone know if this is a cooling system related issue? I have a good bit of oil that has made its way across the engine block from leaks on the front I suspect, which I have the parts to fix and will as well, but started a coolant flush and turned the heater on to proceed. Noticed a good bit of...
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    SOLD Used Free OME 2in lift 2851 fronts and 2860 rears

    Free, buyer pays shipping. They'll come in the boxes marked for the heavy duty high load springs I replaced them with, so fear not. These are the 2in light medium load springs
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    1hd-fte transmission options

    Hey all, in the midst of getting ready for a diesel conversion. I believe the 1hd-fte came standard with the a750f but I was curious if it's six speed counter part, the a760f, would possibly be a bolt on option or what would be require besides an adapter, i.e. stand alone controller if they...
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    97 FZJ80 Tachometer only working above 3000RPM

    Hey all, new to the forum but i've been reading quite a few threads about tachometer issues and couldn't find any that specifically addressed my issue. No codes per a diagnostic and normal rpm scheduling confirmed by a buddy with an OBDII bluetooth setup. The issue is that the RPM doesn't...
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