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  1. d0ubledown

    Wanted 80 series rims

    looking for a set of 80 series wheels. let me know if you have any, and the cost. shipped to 98230. thanks
  2. d0ubledown

    ISO: 80 series wheels

    looking for a set of 80 series wheels...anyone know of any before i search down south?
  3. d0ubledown

    wanted: 80 series alternator

    voltage warning light came on during my drive to work this morning. batt still says 12v with engine off. looks like I'll be needing an alt. anyone have one laying around? pretty please and thank you.
  4. d0ubledown

    M416 FS

    buddy off bc4x4 is selling his M416. $1200 obo in langley 1968 M-416 military trailer
  5. d0ubledown

    new years 2011 snow run

    so to start off the new years right, i went out wheeling with some crawlinbc guys up sylvester road. drove up past kenyon lake. was a beautiful day out. diego had fun in playing in the snow. a couple stucks here n there, but all in all a great day. also got to give my new truxs tires a workout...
  6. d0ubledown

    ER sun 12th?

    thinking about a run up to eagle tomorrow. some of the guys off bc4x4 are heading up...wondering if any CC'ers wants to head up in search of some snow. apparently theres lots :D ...or are you all stuck christmas shopping with the :princess: ?
  7. d0ubledown

    shipping 5 wheels/tires...your experiences?

    so im trying to get a set of 5 wheels/tires shipped from WV to WA. been racking my brain researching for how to ship them. fedex and the likes have been quoting me from $5-700! :eek: looking at freight companies as well, and thats getting up to 400 still, on a pallet. i keep reading about...
  8. d0ubledown

    RTH: taco steelies + 37s. spacers needed?

    getting some 37 bfgs mounted up on a set of taco steelies. for those running 37s on stock 17" tundra/sequoia/taco/fjc rims... do you absolutely positively need to run spacers? rims are 17x7.5 backspacing very deep I'd say 4.75"ish. thanks!
  9. d0ubledown

    Harrison run tomorrow sat 13th

    so most likely will be heading up harisson west tomorrow for the maintenance run. Jeremy (wheelingnoob) and others from olc will be heading up. thinking of checking out lookout lake as well as I haven't been there... and maybe cruiser lake. gonna have my boy with me. be nice if other cruiser...
  10. d0ubledown

    rear heater leak & phh bypass

    so ive sprung a leak in the lovely metal tube above the cats. no time to do a full re & re or even a rear heater bypass this weekend. ive already done the PHH bypass so now i just have heater hose from the former PHH location up to the heater valve routing around the brake booster. can i...
  11. d0ubledown

    post brake overhaul brake smoke

    so after i put in new reman'd calipers, pads with 100s up front, and rear rotors, i got some crazy dragging on the DS front. after i buttoned it all up and bled the lines, i took it for a test drive. could definitely feel it holding the truck back. it could hold the truck at idle in gear. did...
  12. d0ubledown

    fathers day weekend

    any camping trips going on this weekend? got the weekend off with the whole family...thinking about a nice family friendly weekend somewhere, maybe chehalis north or somewhere up harrison west/east? looking to leave first thing saturday... :beer:
  13. d0ubledown

    'nother piggy

    chances are...dan buys this one too. no bets though this time :flipoff2: im already out ten bones. FJ55 '71 c/w 350 & 4spd. pw steering & breaks.. his castanet ad: Castanet Classifieds - TOYOTA LandCruiser FJ55 seems like a good deal for a 3500 obo asking price. but i know nothing of the...
  14. d0ubledown

    oem vs aftermarket reman'd caliper ID

    is there any way to tell whether calipers are oem vs aftermarket remans like cardone etc? specific stamping, casting...etc.? pics of each would be nice if you have any to compare... thanks :cheers:
  15. d0ubledown

    spring break family day trip

    so ive booked off the 2 weeks for the kids' spring break, and thought a spring break outing with the whole family might be in order. our kids had great fun that day some of us went up to eage...lotsa kids that day. got a monster honey-do list that i have to burn through the first week, so im...
  16. d0ubledown

    wheelin' sat/sun?

    anyone? all this talk of olympics and snow n stuff makes me want to go out and find some snow to play in with the 2 older kids. although it doesnt look too promising in our spring like weather. was thinking chilliwack area to find snow, or up sylvester (saw some inch creek pics in other forums...
  17. d0ubledown

    craigslist nice expedition ready 80 seattle, WA

    not mine, no affiliation yadda yadda yadda. probably doesnt have lockers, but a great deal none the less. maybe a fellow mudder? ** 95 FZJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser **
  18. d0ubledown

    6" lifts...whos running them?

    so just checking to see who out there in 80 land (worldwide, not just NA) is running a 6" lift? tried to search the registry and the 80 forum in general...not much luck. so if you have/had a 6" some questions for ya: 1: which setup? slee, ome, king, ironman, custom, _____? 2: if...
  19. d0ubledown

    anyone wheelin tomorrow?

    the master of my domain has granted me a free day pass tomorrow as long as i take the 2 older kids. anyone up for some wheeling? missed out last week and its been ages since ive been. sylvester perhaps? i havent been to kenyon since a couple years ago. maybe even ER? dont know the status of...
  20. d0ubledown

    life unexpected...

    has mats truck in the latest commercial! was watching tv, then this commercial comes on. quick flash of a blue 60 with a nice custom front bar. i said 'hey...nice crui-- err hey! thats mats truck!' nice to know a CC rig is a hollywood star! :steer: after a quick google search..i found a...
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