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  1. Highlex

    For Sale Canada: FZJ80 TRANSMISSION A442F

    Selling a good used a442f transmission out of my 1994 gas land cruiser, shifts perfect, no leaks or issues, asking 380 USD (or 500 CAD) Willing to ship at your expense! Located near Winnipeg, Canada. If you have any issues with the trans I will refund all your money. (I know its a good trans)
  2. Highlex

    Drill stock PS pump orifice for more flow

    Recently did a 6 inch lift and 38s for the fzj80 and its pretty hard to steer now lol. This is to be expected with large tires but im wondering if anyone has drilled out the restrictor in the stock PS pump to allow more flow to the box and hopefully easier / lighter steering. I come from the...
  3. Highlex

    Calling 6BT Cummins Swap Experts! (auto trans)

    Putting a 6BT 12 valve cummins into this 94 FZJ80, done lots of research but im just wondering if anyone has done the swap with the 47rh transmission? I want to use an auto if I can. Axis industries sells an adapter to convert the 23 spline 47rh to the factory Toyota hf2a transfer case. My main...
  4. Highlex

    1976 FJ40 dies under hard braking

    Hey guys, just bought a new 1976 FJ40. Got her running and idling very good except for one issue. Under hard braking the engine idle lowers (wants to die, or does die) Vacuum booster is not leaking. It is a fuel related problem. When I drive in reverse and hard brake, the problem is opposite...
  5. Highlex

    Fitting 37s on a 2.5 inch lift... (Pics inside)

    Hey guys, I don't post here a lot but I do lurk a lot. I always wanted to try fitting 37s on my HDJ81 but everyone was saying that you needed around 4 inchs of lift. My truck has the 2.5 inch OME basic lift kit and it fits 37s like a glove. An extra inch of lift would be nice but this will...
  6. Highlex

    Trade 1971 FJ40, Fuel Injected 350, SPOA, Roll Cage, 37 inch MTRs, ect!!

    Hey guys, I recently bought this rig from Florida. Its sitting in my garage now in Mitchell, Manitoba. I would love to keep it, but don't have enough cash to do so. $6000 obo Engine / Powertrain Rebuilt 5.7L Gm 350 with 85K +/- with stage-1 TBI fuel injection RV Cam Edelbrock performer...
  7. Highlex

    New FJ40 owner! Worn spindle?

    Hey, so I recently bought this FJ40 out of Florida (St. Augustine) . Has anyone seen it before? Its pretty modified. SBC chevy, sm465, SOA, wheel base stretch, toms woods drive shafts... ect. Anyways I was inspecting it before my wheeling trip tomorrow and I noticed play in the passenger...
  8. Highlex

    Wanted Wanted: Bj70 / bj71

    Hey guys, glad I found this forum. Im located in Manitoba, Canada and am looking to buy a BJ70 or BJ71. Price isn't an issue just email me pictures to with a description of the truck. Thanks for your time and I hope someone know of one for sale.
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