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    SOLD Phoenix: 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Selling my 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser with approx. 224,000 miles on it, clean AZ Title. Asking $10,400. I purchased this in 2006 from the owner in Las Vegas – so no rust. It’s been a fantastic vehicle, I have mixed emotions in letting it go. I’m ready to drive something different and...
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    GX460 Tire Size and Suspension

    Apologies in advance if this question's been asked (or answered), I searched but could not find the answer on this forum. Also no FAQ here like on the GX470 forum. Anyway, I've been looking to get an 2008/2009 GX470 until several weeks ago when I test drove a 2010 GX460. Lots of nice...
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    Selling my set of 4WD Toyota magazines if interested

    *** SOLD *** I'm here in north Phoenix, listed my magazines on the IH8MUD classifieds: For Sale: - 4WD Toyota Magazines back-issues (24) Bill
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    Scion/Pioneer 1808 Head Unit (stereo)

    I've search and found some unanswered older (closed) threads about using Scion head units in the 100 Series. In the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of 4WD Owners magazine they did a write-up of replacing the original unit of a Series 80 with the Scion 1808 head unit which was plug-and-play and includes the...
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    Brake fluid level in reservoir

    Earlier in the week we did the master cylinder rebuild kit to resolve the sticking brake pedal problem that so many post about. When done, we filled the fluid reservoir and did a full bleed all the way around (with the ignition in the on position). Got a good bit of air out and bled a few...
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    Anyone have steps or pics of removing plastic driver side cover?

    I'm trying to figure out how the lower plastic cover below the steering wheel removes (without breaking it). I removed the little screw on the bottom left, and found two pinch clips at the bottom, as well. After that it still seems pretty tight onto the dash still. Does anyone have...
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    Small floor jack for changing tire

    Last weekend I had a blow-out on the right front passenger tire (285x75x16) - I was off-road on a hunting trip headed back to camp. Stupid ill-prepared me, my 4ton bottle jack that I've had for years would not hold (seal gone I think). The factory bottle crank jack was useless, of course...
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    Check transmission fluid level while idling or not?

    So this weekend I drained and refilled both diffs and the transfer case with Amsoil 75W90 "liquid gold" as I read another poster say once. I also did the "shadetree" drain of the automatic transmission fluid - removed the drain bolt and jacked the front end up, this got me about 3qts out. I...
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    Transmission fluid drain-and-refill question

    So about two years ago (approx. 21k miles) the dealership did a full transmission pan drop fluid replacement. Currently having no shifting or other problems... For maintenance, would I be ok to just drain the pan by removing the plug (about 6qts I've read, correct?) then refill those 6qts...
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    For Sale [AZ] New '99 Toyota 4Runner REAR coil springs and shocks

    New set of rear stock height OEM type replacement coils springs and shocks - installed on my son's 1999 4Runner 4x4 for less than 100 miles. Removed to install a heavier-duty OME lifted coil spring and firmer gas shocks instead. Asking $110 plus S&H. Specifics: - Moog brand coil spring...
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    OME 866 vs. AirLift Bags for rear

    Yes...I did a search of this forum for every permutation of "air", "lift" and "bags" :) I have the 865 rear and front OME torsion bars with HD OME shocks installed. Sits ok unloaded, sags a bit too much loaded w/camping gear. Same old story... My internal dilemma is whether to: a) upgrade to...
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    Any opinions on these tires?

    I've gone to the TireRack site and visited my local Discount Tire. I could not find anyone commenting on these specific tires on this forum, so I thought I'd ask... My '99 currently has 265x75x16 Dunlop AT Rovers from the previous owner. Looking to go to 285x75x16 (I also have the OME 865...
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    Replace LC stereo w/Lexus unit

    I did a search but couldn't find the answer to what I was looking for... I would like to upgrade/replace my stock single-CD unit in my '99 LC with a 6-CD unit with the RDS technology (shows the FM broadcast info). I see where many are going with after-market units... My question is: will a...
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    '99 LC Accessories

    I've been searching various sites for three OEM items for my '99 Land Cruiser: Floor Mats Sunroof Wind Deflector Rear Cargo Net However, everything I find seems to specify 2003 model year and up. Will that stuff still fit a '99? Or, does anyone know a site where I can get the "older"...
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