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  10. Doc

    Pulling a new to me travel trailer out of 3 yr storage...

    I do have one. The rear suspension of an Escalade doesn’t have springs, airbags are mandatory for safe towing.
  11. Doc

    For Sale Alabama: 2007 Honda CBR1000RR Track Ready - Street (Almost) Ready

    I have no valuable input other than Huntsville is a beautiful place. Recently spent some time at HDS up there. Didn't have enough free time to hit the big NASA museum though- bummed about that....
  12. Doc

    Hold key in "Start" position for 30 seconds to turn over....

    Wow, great information guys. Thanks! I will dig into the solenoid issue.... PS, I ordered two of the Ford Solenoids. Why two? My wife's escalade is doing the same thing.
  13. Doc

    Hold key in "Start" position for 30 seconds to turn over....

    Starter is only 2-3 years old. Replaced the original unit with a new one fresh out of Dan's hands.
  14. Doc

    Hold key in "Start" position for 30 seconds to turn over....

    The cruiser has recently developed a bad habit. About 5-10% of the time- when I go to start the truck it just flat doesn't start. No clicking, no humming, nothing. Like the battery is dead. My (very)cheap volt meter shows the battery is OK. If, however- you turn the key all the way to the...
  15. Doc

    Two questions: window security and seat motors

    Thanks Pablo- got the gears ordered. It's kinda nice that i haven't had to be in here asking about maintenance advice in years. Love the durability.
  16. Doc

    Two questions: window security and seat motors

    Two things in the 80 that need addressing right now- 1. Is there a good way to positively lock the rear windows without removing the ability to open them when needed? My cruiser has been broken into twice by punks pushing hard enough on the rear window to pop the latch and slide it open. The...
  17. Doc

    Too rusty?

    Check the dog legs at the rear doors, that's where rust really started on mine.
  18. Doc

    Dogs of MUD!

    Because life isn't crazy enough with one big puppy and 3 crazy kids.....
  19. Doc


    So much happy in this photo. We've been five years, almost, out of the camping business because of medical equipment demands. We tried using a generator along with the tents, but it wasn't a really good solution. We picked up a camp trailer a few weeks back and this was our test run. I'm...
  20. Doc


    So, I'm just going to throw this out there.... I'm in Seattle today, so naturally I go to Pikes place market and visit the first Starbucks. Then I walk three blocks up the road and visit a much less crowded one. I tell the kid behind the counter to " make me the best cup of black coffee you...
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