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  1. tock13

    suggestions on good mechanic Snohomish/Everett area

    Hi Everyone, I have a 79 fj40 that I want to take in and have a shop go over the motor, adj carb, valve job etc. Anyone know a good reputable mechanic or shop in the Snohomish. Everett WA area? It might be to the point of needing a rebuild depending on what they think. I got a quote of $6300...
  2. tock13

    Advice on half doors

    I have been restoring my '46 ford tractor so havent been working on the cruiser is summer and I want some hard half doors. A while ago I bought a hard top and doors. The fronts are in perfect rust any where. I HATE to cut these up as they are hard to come by but I have looked...
  3. tock13

    resmogging a 40

    I have a 79 fj40 that is desmogged with a webber. Has anyone ever re-smogged one?? The reason I am thinking of doing it is that I am moving to a area where it will need to be done and I would like to get it back to stock anyway. The only remaining part is the canister...and harness plugs...
  4. tock13

    fan clutch question

    I have replaced all my hoses, t-stat, temp guage sending unit and taken the rad to a good shop for a flow test/flush. they said it was in really good shape with good flow. The temp guage reads just over the first hash mark and creeps up to center on guage around town, actually it moves slowly up...
  5. tock13

    any pics of '79 fj40 cat converter in place?

    Anyone have a couple pics of a stock cat converter in place under the truck? I have a few parts in a box and one is the heat shield that goes above the converter but I cant figure out where it mounts to.
  6. tock13

    hard top hard is it to do this.

    Anyone know what parts I need to switch from ambulance doors to the swing up hatch on my hard top? I know I need a new header and of course the hatch and struts. I am unclear on the latches and stuff like that. I have an aftermarket aluminum tailgate with storage in it and want to keep it...
  7. tock13

    need expert body alignment advise

    I need the pro body experts to give some advise here. I have a '79 that I just bought a hard top for. everything lines up great on the pass side right off with no fuss. the drivers side is another story. nothing works. I measured from the point where the post goes into the tub to the centerline...
  8. tock13

    Steering box question....

    I searched for some info on this but didnt find a post with my exact problem. I have aftermarket powersteering, not saginaw...I have found some play at the pitman arm shaft moves inteh box in the horizontal plane...forward and back. There isn't a ton of movement..maybe a 1/16 inch each...
  9. tock13

    Heat problem after replacing all the goodies

    I did a search on this and kinda got an asnwer but still wanna throw it out there to see if I missed anything. My temp guage in my 40 ran between the first line with the c above it an the next hash mark all the time regardless of outside temp...driving highway speeds it creeped up a little but...
  10. tock13

    How do I remove rounded bolt heads

    I am stumped. I went to check the level of the trans. and transfer case fluids and both of the filler plugs are f'd up beyond belief. They are rounded and I can not budge them at all...can't even get a wrench to grab as the ends are gone. This is the first time I have checked them since I bought...
  11. tock13

    Looking for good shop in Seattle area

    Anyone know of a good cruiser shop in the Seattle/eastside area? I need some stuff done and am getting strange looks at the local auto repair shops when I mention it is an FJ40. thanks in advance.
  12. tock13

    kind of a tech question....

    There is a battle a wagin' on the home front...We are currently paying $700 a year through Allstate for a basic policy...comp., collision ect. on a '79 fj40. The wife says time for a cheaper truck... She says cheaper insurance is impossible to find cuz she checked...I say not true...(but of...
  13. tock13

    My guages are haunted...or something Help!

    Ok, I am confused. I have read every post on fj40 guages and I give up. My temp guage never goes above the 1st line even after running hours. My gas guage decides to stay on empty for a while then jump up past full when it feels like it regardless of gas level in tank. Then they all behave for a...
  14. tock13

    Question about door hinges

    I was wondering if the door hinge that is bolted on to the tub is adjustable up and down and in and out. My tub is sprayed with line-x and before I go chopping the hinges free I wanted to make sure they even move. My doors have never lined up right. The bottom rear corner sticks out 1/2" to...
  15. tock13

    center arm replacement

    I have a brand new centerarm I need to install cuz the old one is gone...problem is I just put in new ball joints a couple months ago. I was told I cant remove the center arm without destroying the joints with a pickle fork. Looks like heating the arm will burn the boots on teh joints. I took a...
  16. tock13

    Rear spring mount rust

    I know the news on this is going to suck....I have a rust free '79 fj40 except above the rear spring mounts. The main frame rails are not rusted inside or outside other than surface stuff. The cross pieces going from the frame rail to the rear member are rust free as well. The problem as shown...
  17. tock13

    oil pan gasket replacement question

    I have a '79 with a 2f....I had some slow drips coming from the little plug on the the lower flywheel cover, so I took it off. I noticed that it looked like the leak was coming from the end of the oil pan gasket. I bought a 1 piece gasket from toyota and was going to replace it....but wanted to...
  18. tock13

    warn winch question

    my cruiser came with a warn 8403. Is it worth trying to hook up to see if it works? Everything seems to point to it bein gin pretty good shape. I will probably end up selling it and the bumper it is hooked to. TIA
  19. tock13

    Crooked tub

    another one from the novice...I noticed something weird on my truck. the tub seems to be on offset to the passenger side. The tires on both front and back stick out about 3/4 to an inch more on the right than the it possible to put a tub on crooked like that? It seems to drive ok stop...
  20. tock13

    moving seat rails

    Has anyone figured out a way to move the seat rails back to get more leg room? I have a '79 with stock seats and want to get a few more inches of leg room. I read somewhere about reversing the rails...but cant remember how.
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