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  1. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

    Hmmmm. Looks like you took the scenic route to use what appears to be a road bike. Good excuse to get out!!!
  2. 04UZJ100

    Bump steer

    Suggest you run a proper UCA that can get the caster to the 3.5+ range.
  3. 04UZJ100

    WDYD What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Plugs are rated for 120k so getting 90k out of them is easy
  4. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

    Some of my 120.....
  5. 04UZJ100

    120-Series AC Drain Extension Kit

    Why don't you ship to Alaska? That would fit in a pre-paid priority box/envelope quite easily.
  6. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

    Sequoia wheels are some of my favorites!
  7. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

    Still cleans up nicely!
  8. 04UZJ100

    Builds DRANGED's GX470 build/ownership thread

    You could get the wheelers extended length bump stops too.... Wheeler's Front SuperBump Bumpstop Set for 2005+ Tacoma, 2003+ 4Runner, 2007+ FJ Cruiser, 2007+ Tundra (01SUPERBUMPKIT)
  9. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

  10. 04UZJ100

    Can the Dealer Pull Engine Hours?

    Can the dealer pull engine hours from their scanner? Looking at a local GX470 in Alaska with 90k miles and curious if the PO let it idle warming up religiously or not in the winters. Other than that, full dealer service every 5k miles. An unusual alternator replacement at 70k miles but that’s...
  11. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

    Nice looking truck! What setup are you running?
  12. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

  13. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

    Hatcher Pass, Alaska. :)
  14. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

  15. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

    Going through some more pictures on this rainy AK weekend. Mars by William Farrell, on Flickr Untitled by William Farrell, on Flickr Spirit Animal by William Farrell, on Flickr Untitled by William Farrell, on Flickr
  16. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

    Going through a ton of pictures from relocating to Alaska. The drive was epic.... Wanderlust by William Farrell, on Flickr Window to the World by William Farrell, on Flickr
  17. 04UZJ100

    Builds Wheel In Luxury -a GX470 build

    How worn were the old LCAs? Any pictures?
  18. 04UZJ100

    Prado120 (4Runner Sport) Wheels will 275/65/17 KO2 Fit?

    Do they make a 275/65/17. They make a 275/70/17 but not the size you mention.
  19. 04UZJ100

    120 series Photos!

    I've been getting it ready for the move to Alaska. Armor, recovery, 1st aid, HD suspension, meticulous maintenance etc etc.
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