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    Timing Belt Confirmation? (no sticker)

    Thanks @HomersCanyonero for your input. I'm up in the central valley of NorCal so the weather isn't too extreme. I agree with your assessment, I think it should be good until 150k. I haven't had it long, but I have already started reading about lifts vs tire size, and all of the fun quirks of...
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    Timing Belt Confirmation? (no sticker)

    Greetings! I'm new to the GX forum having just bought a clean California 2005 GX470 with 102k miles on it. I plan to build it up over the next few years but I wanted to say Hi and ask my first question. There is no engine sticker confirming that the timing belt was changed, but the CarFax report...
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    DavisCA: Beefy bumpers, add-a-leafs, rear heater splitters, random pig parts

    Hi Guys, Sorry, but I had a baby, hospital stay, and the usual crazy grad school stuff. I still have the stuff, and its just taking up space in my garage and driveway. Email is best way to reach me, because I can't always get calls. bjzipp(at) Sorry for the inconvenience...
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    Spring Break 2012: Kokopelli's Trail trip

    Hey Leon! Those pictures look awesome! And your trucks make me want to sell the FJ55 and get something a little more comfortable and safe for the family. I have to say that Utah and Colorodo would be nice places to postdoc or settle down. They're on our short list! Cruise on! Brandon Amy...
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    DavisCA: Beefy bumpers, add-a-leafs, rear heater splitters, random pig parts

    Time to clear out some un-needed pig stuff. Stuff is in Davis, CA. Prefer local, but if you can coordinate it, I can ship it. If not shown, I can send pictures of the other parts. Thanks! FJ55 Used drag link with tie rod ends- looks to be sleeved for reinforcement: Free! FJ55 Used...
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    "nose cone savers" for one-piece cruiser case

    Any chance you'll have some t-case and nose cone savers at the Stockton swap meet?
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    WTB Passenger front door

    So my door rotted around the hinge, and I'm currently securing my door in place with ratcheting straps... Are there any passenger front doors for sale in the Sacramento Valley? Northern California? I would fix the metal around the hinge, but I also think it would be cool to get extra doors...
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    is this worth $250

    Well worth it. You probably would replace the engine and tranny anyways...
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    "nose cone savers" for one-piece cruiser case

    Wow- cool idea! Are these still available? Seems a heck'ofa lot easier than replacing a nose cone on the trail.
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    hard top,sm420,norcal

    What's the condition of the SM420? Mine is starting to act up, and I'm looking for a replacement- or something that is rebuildable, to minimize downtime. Thanks-
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    for sale: 89 FJ62 with blown engine

    Hey Jeff- Long time no see! I live over in West Davis now. I'll keep you posted on our next brew session (once I'm done with the Ironman, and go back to my usual drunken debauchery!). Hope all is well! Bump! Zipp.
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    85 Toy solid axle parts on 73 cruiser axle? Disc brake conversion

    Let's see if I remember all of this properly... Knuckles, spindles, rotors, hubs, backing plates, steering arms, tie rod... AND birfields. Since you're swapping hubs and everything, you will need to use the minitruck birfields (I think the cruiser birfs are shorter, and have a different...
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    I'm running a 350, sm420, 3spd tcase. I just start out in second gear, and it drives like a three speed tranny! No power issues...
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    It's my pig, sprung over on 37" MTR's. I was buying tires, and when I priced them at Walmart, the guy told me it would only be like $3.00 more per tire to get 37's instead of 35's. So of course, I did. The springs are getting pretty flat, so there is a little rubbing- but only in front-...
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    Braking system

    If you have a 78 cruiser, does that mean that you have a booster/dual master to begin with??? I switched to an 84 Toy Pickup one-ton booster/master combo- and I love it!- but that's because I had a 1969 single reservoir, no booster master cylinder that was crapping out on me. I went from...
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    wheel cylinders

    Chase- I have some wheel cylinders sitting around if you want to go the rebuild route.... I have some stuff for them- new seal kits and stuff. You can always just buy a cylinder hone and rebuild yourself... Zipp.
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    parting truggy BayArea California

    Where in the Bay Area? I might be interested in the seats and stereo stuff. Any pics? Thanks! Zipp.
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    Exhaust dilemma on my Pig

    I've got block huggers and dual 2" pipe all the way back... There's plenty of room under a pig for dual exhaust. The only part that stinks is the transfer case- and the fact that we had to go under the mounts on the passenger side- making it really low. Oh well- I've never hit it, so i...
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    Help just installed Xfer case, No high range

    You should be able to fix it by pulling the top plate. Pull the plate, and then manually slide the fork into high, neutral, and low. Make sure that it has full range of motion. Then when you put the plate back on, make sure that the shifter finger is in the groove of the fork. If that doesn't...
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    My first Cruiser

    Hey Drohweder- if you're in Dixon, with a pig, you better be going on the Pig trip this August... Either that, or bring your pig to davis so it can play with my piggy.
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