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  1. Atoyot1031

    03 GX470 non-nav stereo wiring

    All, I recently picked up an 03 GX470 without nav (or anything special for that matter). Bought an Android double din from Amazon along with a double din bezel. My Googler is sucking horribly and I can't find a wiring diagram for the life of me that shows the (2) 20 pin connectors and the 12...
  2. Atoyot1031


    This is for sale: For sale is the most capable offroad popup camper in the world! This camper began life as a 1980 Palomino Shetland S3. I purchased and began the build in 2010. Original parts include the heavy canvas, sink...
  3. Atoyot1031

    For Sale My 1997 FZJ80 supercharged, intercooled, locked & built is listed

    SOLD!!! You can get the details here: PM me with questions or if interested. Thanks! Nick
  4. Atoyot1031

    1997 Land Cruiser with Custom Offroad Popup Camper- $40,000

    For sale is a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser with a custom offroad popup camper. This is the ultimate setup for both on-road and backcountry travel. With this setup, you can go anywhere and you will be very comfortable once you get there. This setup also easily maintains the speed limit at high...
  5. Atoyot1031

    Supercharger belt for those running smaller pulleys

    All, I ordered and installed a Gates K060696 belt on my supercharged Land Cruiser with a 2.8" pulley. This puts the tensioner pulley at ~50% and allows for the installation of a yet smaller pulley...:D
  6. Atoyot1031

    Frozen Cruiser leads to no boost and intermittent power steering

    Rewind to September... Went camping/wheeling with the family and blew two heater hoses (top PS and bottom DS). Fortunately had some hose in the cruiser, fixed it in camp, and topped it off with water. Got home and bought anti-freeze to flush and re-fill system. Unfortunately, I have the...
  7. Atoyot1031

    RTH: EMS over the frame pipe install

    So for the life of me I can't get the darn S (over the frame) pipe over the frame. I removed my Slee transfer skid, a side heat shield, and the vibration isolator on the side of the transfer case, yet not matter which direction & angle I go, I can't get the friggin pipe over. It's late & I...
  8. Atoyot1031

    Fan clutch blade comparisons 3.0 vs. 3FE

    I've been running a 3.0 fan blade for a couple years. The results compared to the stock supercharger ringed fan blade showed marked improvement. I've also been increasing my clutch viscosity over the years. I decided with my current increase in bolt-on HP (smaller pulley & intercooler), that...
  9. Atoyot1031

    How much boost with stock injectors & fuel mapping

    I figure one of the turbo guys has a good idea on an answer to this question.
  10. Atoyot1031

    Intercooler kit for SC- gauging interest

    I'm wrapping up components for my top-mount air-to-air intercooler, and am wondering if it would be worth doing a limited production run of them. The design is based on blarsen's IC, but DOES NOT require cutting up any factory components (other than your hood of course ;)). The kit would...
  11. Atoyot1031

    Squeaky steering wheel wasn't clock spring

    The good news is that I've got a new (used) clock spring. The bad news is that I didn't need it. After my steering wheel has progressively gotten worse squeaking on left turns over the past few years, and I thought I had sprayed lube everywhere including taking apart the dash several times...
  12. Atoyot1031

    Wanted WTB- non-squeaking clock spring for a 97 FZJ80

    Mine makes a freaking racket, and I'm sick of it! I've sprayed it with every substance known to man to no avail. If you've got one, drop me a PM please. :cheers: Thanks, Nick
  13. Atoyot1031

    Aftermarket parts in China? What would you get?

    I have a sister who has been in China for a couple years. She is coming back to the states soon and has offered to bring me something. What should I ask for?:hhmm: I was thinking about some fender flares.
  14. Atoyot1031

    Wanted PWR 2ND button 97 FZJ80 or LX450

    My switch for the tranny failed. I tried cleaning it to no avail...
  15. Atoyot1031

    Weird cruise control problem

    This started last summer IIRC. I'd be driving on the highway and the CC would kick out unexpectedly. Searching, I came to the conclusion there was a problem with my actuator. As moving and/or lubing the cable didn't improve my problem, I set about to rebuild the actuator following a link I...
  16. Atoyot1031

    RTH- "melted" EFI fuse, won't start

    Wife drove to the market on the way home from work in the 97 LC. Once she went to leave the market, it wouldn't start. It acts like a dead battery, but I tried jumping to no avail. Checked fuses and the 15A EFI fuse is melted (not necessarily blown). It appears that the prongs that the...
  17. Atoyot1031

    Can a clogged charcoal canister cause high temps?

    Sounds weird to me, but about the time I started noticing the smell that I've now concluded is a clogged charcoal canister is about the same time I started having high temp issues (again) under hard driving conditions. I'll be talking to cdan soon about the canister, but I'm wondering if the...
  18. Atoyot1031

    Noisy, squeaky AC idler pulley? Here's a trick...

    My AC idler pulley was sounding terrible, and I did not have time to source the 6301 sealed bearings and replace, so here's what I did. Remove tension from idler pulley and remove pulley. Remove snapring from pulley that retains bearing. Using a pick between the outer race and the plastic...
  19. Atoyot1031

    Replaced my antenna with a 14" black rubber antenna

    It wouldn't go up and down. It was all bent to hell, and I couldn't get a radio signal if I was leaning on the antenna. So I bought a black rubber antenna on ebay for ~$10 to the door. I removed the old mast/motor assembly. Somehow, my original antenna wire was almost completely sheared...
  20. Atoyot1031

    9" DVD headrest installation

    So I got sick of the wires everywhere with the portable DVD players, between power cords, headphones, etc., it was only a matter of time before someone accidentally got strangled on a road trip in our 80. After winning and selling a Foxwing Awning at CM10, I had some disposable funds to take...
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