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  1. jomichael

    Cleaning 1991 FJ80 Throttle Body

    My 91 was having some starting issues, it took a few too many turns to start up, it was rough and finally started hesitating on acceleration. Took the Mass Sensor off and cleaned that, pulled the intake tube and cleaned in there. Then loosened the throttle cable, pulled it wide open and used...
  2. jomichael

    Upgrading 91 FJ80 front brakes to 95 brakes process

    Just finished my front brake upgrade on my 91 and wanted to post the process. Hopefully, it will help the next guy do this a little faster. I thought it would be a weekend job, and it would be possible, but I discovered a bunch of issues during the process. Ended up rebuilding the entire brake...
  3. jomichael

    Drums don't stop at all after rebuid.

    Had to rebuild my 91 rear drums. New rotors, pads, and hardware. I also upgraded to 95 rotors/calipers, new booster and master cylinder. When the vehicle is jacked up and put it in drive I hit the brakes and the rears only slowly come to a stop, fronts stop immediately. the emergency brake keeps...
  4. jomichael

    Gear oil pouring out of spindle hub?

    This can't be good. Doing a 95 brake upgrade on my 91 and once I had the spindle cap off gear oil started flowing. It was fine on the passenger side. I assumed the seal was bad but it was in good shape. The birfs were changed about 2 years ago before my ownership. Noticed that the axle is worn...
  5. jomichael

    Wanted Looking for 93-97 FJ80 OEM Front Brake Calipers

    Looking for a good pair of 93-97 front brake calipers to upgrade my 91 front brakes.
  6. jomichael

    For Sale 1991 OEM Parts

    I have a few items left over from my 91 FJ80. Prefer not to ship larger items, located 20 miles north of Dallas in Allen TX. 1. Front bumper with side rubber. Has damage but can be banged out. $100 2. Hitch $75 3. Pioneer stereo with four speakers. Note, the speakers need spacers. It works, but...
  7. jomichael

    For Sale Five 1991 OEM 15" Wheels With New Tires

    I have a set of five wheels and tires off my 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale. The tires are Atturo Trail Blade A/T's and they are basically new. Tread is 90%. The previous owner just bought them and I switched to larger wheels and tires. The wheels have corrosion but I tested an area with a...
  8. jomichael

    How To Improve The 91 FJ80?

    I have a 91 and I love it. The engine is a dog, but got it with 0 rust and 150k with everything working. I added 285/85/17 wheels and tires with a 2.5" lift. I hear a lot of complaints about this particular year and want to see what solutions there are for overcoming them easily and would like...
  9. jomichael

    Rock Sliders that retain factory mud flaps?

    Sounds crazy, but I like the factory mud flaps, are there any rock sliders that protect the body panels while retaining the front mud flaps? 91 FJ80.
  10. jomichael

    91 FJ80 New ARB Winch Bumper, What Winch??

    Looking for bolt in winch options for the 80 Series ARB front bumper, emphasis on bolt-in. Looking at the WARN 26502 M8000 Series. Not doing crazy wheeling, just need it for insurance.
  11. jomichael

    Bumper Restoring Techniques?

    My rear bumper, side moulding, and mud flap rubber/plastic is faded from the Texas sun, what is the best method to bring back the black?
  12. jomichael

    91 FJ80 Door lock cylinders keys missing, can I get a key made?

    None of the keys that came with my 91 FJ80 operate my door locks or rear hatch lock. Is it possible to have a key made for them? Don't want to spend $250+ on a new set.
  13. jomichael

    Wanted FJ80 Lock Set and Tailgate Carpet Panel

    I am looking for the front door and rear hatch lock cylinder and matching key set for my 91 FJ80. I am also looking for the interior tailgate cover panel. Doesn't matter if the carpet is attached or not, just need the panel to be in good condition for my new carpet.
  14. jomichael

    New Stock Interior carpet

    I just received my new carpet. The previous owner removed the OEM carpet so I am wondering if the heater under the passenger seat sat on top of carpet or the carpet was cut around it? Its a 91 FJ80.
  15. jomichael

    Did A Complete Coolant Flush, Any Refill Recommendations?

    91 3FE. Replaced the water pump, thermostat, many after market hoses that were on there with OEM, and replaced the radiator with a 3 core aluminum. I also flushed out all the lines and the heater core. Are there any recommended procedures on refilling the coolant, like leaving the cap off to...
  16. jomichael

    ASIN water pump same as OEM?

    I have a 91 FJ80. Want to replace much of the cooling system. Reviewing this thread ASIN is the OEM supplier for Toyota. 3FE Water Pump Differences - So, could I simply save $30-$40 by buying the ASIN from Part...
  17. jomichael

    1991 FJ80 Front Seat Cushions

    I am having my manual seats covered in leather but need new seat cushions. I keep finding them for around $200 from Toyota, but the diagram has two cushions shown. Is the seat cushion made of two separate cushions or is that some sort of seat cover? Any other options for a decent cushion...
  18. jomichael

    Lift window rubber for painting?

    I am going to attempt to paint my 91 FJ80 in my garage. I have been thinking about the front and rear windows. I know it is best to remove them but that just isn't in the cards. I had this idea and want to see if y'all think it's good or bad. I did a test pics below. I cut a bout 5" of the...
  19. jomichael

    Good Paint System?

    Hoping to get some advice on what paint system and brand to use on my 91 FJ80. The plan is that I sand, fix any small dings, shoot primer in my garage, block sand with 400 and 600 and hand it over to a shop for final base/clear. I have it sanded down to the primer with areas of leftover base and...
  20. jomichael

    Painting a faded 91 FJ80

    I purchased a 91 FJ80 that is native of Texas. No rust but the sun has baked off the clear coat on most of the vehicle. I am not new to body work but it has been awhile. Where the clear coat is still attached it is flaking and then is pretty solid on the lower part of the doors. I plan to block...
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