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    New engine harness, now won’t start

    I just replaced the entire engine harness due to every connector breaking when touched(but most importantly the break in the harness to injector 6. Disconnected the battery before starting and every single plug is connected and accounted for including (engine sensors, maf, ecu, trans, and O2...
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    For those of you that have done the Wits End brake vacuum kit...

    ...if you were able to get the check valve through the grommet, did you use magic? Lube? Your brain? The strength of 10 men? I lost the battle, threw all my tools and put the old check valve in with the new hose.
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    Won’t start after maintenance

    I’ll try not to write a novel...but I figure more info helps I recently replaced all of the common seals where these things leak(oil pump, crank seal, vc gasket, tube seals, distributor o-ring). I also replaced the spark plugs, PS pump, feed line, all PS hoses and all heater/radiator hoses...
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    Billet half moons

    Does anyone know the Toyota Part number for the billet half moons in the head right below the valve cover? I broke one when trying to remove it while doing my valve cover gasket
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    Rough idle after driving on highway

    I did a quick search for a rough idle but I didn't see anyone that was having the same issue as I am. When I start my car and drive around town, it idles perfect and runs great. Most of the time when I've been on the highway for a while and I exit the highway coming to an eventual stop, my idle...
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