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    73 fj40, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    okay so the pictures are small, but here is the interior I can also email you larger sized pictures. Pablo
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    73 fj40, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    here are some pics of the outside I hope these pictures are helpful, if not email me.
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    73 fj40, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    I am selling my 1973 fj40 in order to leave New Mexico and find work in British Columbia. Perks include, tip top 73 fj-55 f motor from a totaled wagon, custom guages with odometer matching glove box, best top center console, in dash cd player, roll cage, overhead speakers with custom dome...
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    mountain driving

    Does anyone know if the J30 transfer case must shift in 4wd at a creep or not?
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    FJ40 Rebuild Completed! (Almost)

    Actually, I use the more expensive braided wire wheel attachments for an angle grinder and that pretty much stops wires from flying everywhere. Pablo
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    mountain driving

    I just got a job working at a ski area this winter and need advice with a few things. The road to work is a 15 mile long highway with little opportunity to stop when traffic is behind you. First, I just did a SM420 conversion and have not had a chance to make a shifter. I actually forgot if...
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    Wanted 4.10 fine spline diff needed

    jump seat I think that any year before 75 will work. Thanks Pablo
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    Parts for sale.

    I am looking for a jump seat for a 73 fj-40, with a seat belt. Thanks Pablo
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    Wanted 4.10 fine spline diff needed

    jump seat 73 fj-40 Decent condition. Any mounting hardware is appreciated. Thanks Pablo
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    lock cylinder replacement

    That spring that hold it in is a real pain due to access. Any suggestions? Thanks Pablo
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    leaf springs, oil pan

    I am cleaning out the garage. I have good condition 73 OEM leaf packs in good shape as well as a good F motor oil pan. Ten dollars for each leaf pack and twenty for the oil pan. Buyer pays shipping, Albuquerque, NM.
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    fj-40 garage clean-up

    four oem non-lift springs in good condition with little to no sag, AC Delco electronic ignition from a 79 250 Chevy inline 6, 60 amp GM 1 wire alternator, 73 F motor oil pan.
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    Wiring lights to act as brake, turn and running lights

    Thanks Woody, your replies are always clear and not misleading. Pablo
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    Wiring lights to act as brake, turn and running lights

    Burnt 03, right, but the early cruisers only use an 1157.
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    Wiring lights to act as brake, turn and running lights

    I have the same question. And what is a universal trailer light adaptor? Pablo
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    weird grinding

    Change your transmission fluid. If it is silver, you need a new transmission. I had the exact same problem getting on the freeway and getting into high rpm in first and second. Pablo.
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Re:DUI Distributer and PowerTrax No-Slip Diff WTB I have a HEI
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    Brake wheel cylinders?

    Pay attention to the thread on the adjuster. Some are left hand and some are right. If you do move them make sure you wrote down which ones are where otherwise you will spend a bunch of time turning the adjuster the wrong direction. Pablo
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    more SM420 questions

    So what is holding the output shaft from sliding out? The output bearing can't go in the transmission further due to the retaining ring on it's o.d. To say it another way, when tightening that SM420 "washer" (with the 1/2" fine thread bolt) over the toyota imput gear it looks like it will...
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    more SM420 questions

    I did not take apart the transmission when I got it but, what prevents the imput gear on the transfer case from pulling the output shaft into the transfer case when the washer and 1/2" screw are tightened? Also what is the easiest (preferably online) place to get the toyota washer that goes...
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