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  1. chrisdecker

    Wanted Stafford, VA. Cloth seats 93-97

    Cloth Seats for 1993-1997 FZJ80 cloth seats preferably in grey. Need for sure the front but if you have a full set let me know your asking price. Willing to drive as far as slither MD and as south as Norfolk
  2. chrisdecker

    Wanted Offenhauser for 2F 60 series

    wamt to buy Offenhauser intake (6226-c) for my 82’ fj60 Thanks
  3. chrisdecker


    Looking to buy running/in order condition 2f fj60 carb with intake manifold and plumbing needed. have a cracked Offenhauser and edelbrock 4 barrel. Didn’t do a good job of inspecting when bought the 60 and long story short, the Offy manifold is cracked and hard to source so looking to go back to...
  4. chrisdecker

    82 Cruiser with offenhauser intake??

    Trying to source a intake manifold/header gasket for an 82 LandCruiser with an Offenhauser manifold. not sure if an OEM from cruiserparts will work but I've tried local shops and they said they would custom make one, install it and tune ye old 4 barrel for a cool $800. any info helps Thanks
  5. chrisdecker


    In 2013 I got a new cat back system (2 new cats/new mid pipe/new tail pipe/old muffler) from a NOVA reputable exhaust shop (Roberts custom exhaust) He did a great job but when the work was done he did tell me it was running rough (I never noticed before) and to get it checked it before it clogs...
  6. chrisdecker

    For Sale NOVA 1985 FJ60 RUSTY

    221K miles on odometer. lots of rust on body currently gutted so there's no carpet, panels or seats in the rear. Rust on rear part of frame was repaired by original owner only had it since March but new job calls for a truck. OME lift w/ greasable shackles 33x10x15 ARB compressor w/ rear...
  7. chrisdecker

    For Sale Stock 1991 FJ80 in VA

    $3400 OBO Mileage 218, 000 Let me starts with history as far as I know (isn't much) Truck bought in 2013 in Alexandra, Virignia with no dash trim, CDL switch, or working steteo. No explanation as to why. Car has traveled up and down the coast from Maine to Florida both driven and towed (with...
  8. chrisdecker

    Wanted Fj80 exhaust

    Have a 91 cruiser, in dire need of the followings: BOTH down pipes BOTH cat converters Y-pipe would take muffler and tail pipe if it in anyway saves $$$ but need the above items yesterday for 3FE engine so if you have 91 or 92 parts laying around maybe you can help me out, thanks feel...
  9. chrisdecker

    Wanted [VA] 3F Alternator

    Looking for a 3F alternator to replace my dying stock one. if anyone has info as to whether there are different alternators available for the 3F that would be nice too. thanks -Chris
  10. chrisdecker

    got tailgate?

    currently trying to purchase a tailgate for my gold fj80. doesn't need to be gold just don't need dents or rust, scratches are fine. I live in stafford and would like to purchase locally. if anyone knows anyone please direct them to me Thanks -Chris
  11. chrisdecker

    1994 factory stereo install

    My cruiser is a 1991. I purchased a stereo and harness both off a 1994 FZJ80 and have just now installed the harness. The stereo does not switch on with the car on or just in "ON". Doesn't then on at all... just wondering if this is because some sort of security device where the stereo can only...
  12. chrisdecker

    Wanted FZJ80 stereo harness

    I need a STOCK 1994 FZJ80 stereo harness. the plug that goes into the STOCK stereo head unit thanks Chris
  13. chrisdecker

    Wanted fj80 y-pipe

    looking for a rust/hole free 1991-92 y-pipe need a new one due to holes in my current one thanks.
  14. chrisdecker

    Virginia Drivers!

    I've seen at least 5 80's around my neighborhood of Stafford. 1 Midnight Blue, built amazingly with what looks to be ARB front and rear bumpers, a snorkel, roof rack and about a 3 inch life, others were stock looking like mine but had mud on em. Just lookin for someone to take a look at my 80...
  15. chrisdecker

    differential off

    I purchased a 91 FJ80 about a year ago. The differential that engaged the front wheels was taken off (I have it) and the CDL light on with the switch removed. I would like to know how exactly this effects economy, transmission wear, etc. And if I reattach the front differential will the...
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