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  1. RHINO

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    i'm not in the market but wanted to voice my appreciation for those, just plain cool. there must be a market, collectible or otherwise.
  2. RHINO

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    naming cars is pretty normal, but naming the transmission is rare, especially a name like lubricant. i mean, jeez, shifty woulda been a better name.
  3. RHINO

    CSC Random picture thread

    i'm at 5k and Elk are all over the place.
  4. RHINO

    2022 Hatch Chile Run

    awesome trip stemurr !! i ony have one problem with it, that grass roofed store you remember so fondly is in McScary not Pinetop :grinpimp:
  5. RHINO

    Who's done a timing belt?

    did my 5vz, much easier than i thought it was gonna be, then did a friends 2uz, pretty similar, just take your time, be methodical.
  6. RHINO

    PSA - Towing Fatality

    Edit double post
  7. RHINO

    PSA - Towing Fatality

    Sorry buddy, I should been more specific. I don't think Matt's has talked about this tragedy, but the few vids he teamed up with MadMatt about this topic have some sound logic.
  8. RHINO

    PSA - Towing Fatality

    He has actually, and his reasons seem perfectly sound
  9. RHINO

    Road Tripping through AZ and NM - Any must-do trails/stops?

    hahaha ARJMN,,, ive been wandering AZ over 35yrs now, and although my portfolio is longer than most, i still feel ive only scratched the surface
  10. RHINO

    FJ40 Animation - Cool Video!

    cool animation, wish it was that easy
  11. RHINO

    CSC Loan a Tool Program

    Does anyone happen to have a steering knuckle centering guage?
  12. RHINO

    You've been spotted

    Maybe lookin at the lady in the jumpseat?
  13. RHINO

    1982 Toyota Hilux 4x4 - SOLD

    Awesome Norm!!!! Sounds like it went to a good home. Trade for the pig if I still had it? That would be tough, I wouldn't mind buying it back from the guy.
  14. RHINO

    1982 Toyota Hilux 4x4 - SOLD

    I would love to save you the trouble, I actually am looking for one, but my pockets will require me either wait for prices to come down, or find a much worse condition truck
  15. RHINO

    Trip Report - Salt River Canyon to Young-Heber Highway via Canyon Creek

    I'm glad you made it past the snow Bank, I was on the edge of my seat seeing the pic, then read the words. Wheew.
  16. RHINO

    Regearing the Lando Cruisian

    that is still the case, he DOES NOT remove or install differentials.
  17. RHINO

    Az. Peace Trail - OHVs vs. Full Size Rigs???

    to be a bit more specific, as of last month when i ran half of the peace trail with a mojave rd and bradshaw trail loop i saw nothing on the main trail, just on the more technical, or difficult spurs.
  18. RHINO

    Regearing the Lando Cruisian

    he seems to want less work, but when your the best guy in town
  19. RHINO

    Regearing the Lando Cruisian

    just got off the horn with ZUK, says he thought he would be doing a 3rd less buisiness going locals only but he's as busy as ever.
  20. RHINO

    Az. Peace Trail - OHVs vs. Full Size Rigs???

    Raised it to 2500? Makes sense, some of those side by sides are huge!
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