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    Fender flares

    Got my new rims and tires on, (2.5" back spacing) and things look real good. The tires stick out quite a bit, and stones are flinging very frequently. I looked on Ebay and the various J**p flares can be had reasonable as well the local bone yard may be even better. Anyway, which year/model seem...
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    Carb bowl "bleedback?"

    This may be an old hashed over topic, but it's getting a bit frustrating for me. 66 Cruiser w/ 74 driveline. If my Unit sits for about a week w/o running, the carb bowl goes almost dry, then its.......crankity, crankity. I have a stock set of lines till the filter area. Then I've got NEW lines...
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    Aftermarket Speedometer

    Have been doing some "Googling" around for an aftermarket application for a speedometer for my unit. Was hoping that Sunpro had one but can't find one yet as they are very possibly going to be the gauge of choice, for me. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
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    Toggle switch, for ignition/dash components

    I thought a while ago, someone posted a link to a "covered" toggle. The cover, in the down position will turn off the switch. Another interest is a fuse block that you NEVER have to stop and jiggle fuse to make the gages work, or start charging, etc. What donor vehicle block would work well...
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    Backspacing DELMA!

    Am on the phone with Rick at 4 Wheel Parts, and he satates that on my 66/74 cruiser with drum brakes an Alloy rim that I want to purchase WILL rub my tie rod ends! He says NONE of the Alloy rims have, what he recommends 2.5" back spacing, as the Steel wheels do. I trust the experience of...
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    Rim Backspacing

    OK, I'm going to be a whiner. Woody is very frim about the 3.5" back spacing, as well others have mentioned it, and I RESPECT question..........but; The problem is I just got back from a Goodyear Dealer who sells rims & tires. There were NO listings of this back spacing in...
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    Rims for my 40

    Am just to the point that I ALMOST have enough $ to start seriously looking for rims/tires. With the rim issue, Chevy rims are not a plug and play application? What rims are the most troublesome, i.e. loose lug nuts , etc. Been a long time since I bought aftermarket rims. (1970's w/...
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    Shock clearance problem

    As I thought, I have a clearance problem between my left front shock tube and the steering arm. At the worst it JUST grazes the tube when the tires are turned. My idea was to extend the shock tower mount by welding and through bolting an extention, off the top. If I go out 2 1/2" (center to...
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    Alternator BAD? HELP!!!

    Today was running my Cruiser (project) Shut it off and then noticed upon restarting that the AMP gauge was reading a discharge. I turned on the headlights only to really see the AMP gauge really dive! So I got out my volt meter, and checked the main lug on my STOCK alt. It only read 12.48 +/-...
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    Solid front axle, (84 Yota truck) & parts

    Kid is selling his 88 Toyota 4x4 truck and now I can sell all the parts that are piled around here! Solid front axle (84 w/ 165,000 mi +/-) I'll probably steal the hubs and replace with my cruiser hubs. Was a daily driver of a guy down the road. 22RE head and intake Misc. parts/ lights/dash...
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    Seats, JUmp seats and Tank

    I have the following: Underseat fuel tank, sender, and straps with felts from a 66 FJ40. Sender works, straps NICE, tank nice(NO RUST), but has two top seam repairs with epoxy, does leak at repairs. ALL FREE.........Come and get it! Both front seats from the 66 FJ40. They are in great shape...
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    Venting gas tank

    Nearing the end of a tough install of a CJ5 poly tank under my cruiser (maybe it's that "J**p thing" they talk about). Opposite of the filler neck are two barbed fittings for 1/4" hose. I plugged one, and the other I intend to use for a tank vent. From the fitting I was going to run a hose...
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    Poly Tank question

    Just started looking for a poly tank to go UNDER my FJ40. The local Car Quest will be able to get an over sized tank (21 gal)for a 70's J##p for about $230.00. Don't have any dimentions yet as well the best way to mount it. Anyone have any experience with this. I REALLY want to remove the...
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    Pitman arm spring pack clearance

    Finally got my SOA completed, (enough to drive) and noticed that the clearance from the spring pak to the pitman arm grease zerk on the drag link is tighter than I'd like it to be. I would imagine that installing a bump stop adjusted so that it would dissallow contact is ONE fix. Any other...
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    SOA drive line angle delema

    Almost complete with the SOA. Read numerous articles, etc but here's where I'm at now. 74 driveline in a 66 chassis, perches at same as stock angle, universals at or near bottomed out, ka-nuckin' or near ka-nuckin', the tranny end being the worst:slap: 1.) Axle shims or lowering the tranny...
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    Center arm pivot swap, 74 into 66 (?)

    Have a 66 chassis. The center arm pivot is "wollered" out and I want to swap in a pivot from a 74 I parted out. It's not going to be "plug and play", but I can't seem to recall how the 74 "box in" looked on the frame rail. Would apprecitate directions or a photo. Email if needed. Thanks!
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    Removing steering arms again!

    I have run into a needed change. Did an SOA and tried to use "pre-bent" steering arms. They won't work. Anyway I will be needing to remove the bent arms and reinstall the stock w/hy-steer. Is there anything that I need to do or watch not to damage anything within the knuckle when I remove and...
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    Hy-Steer arm construction

    I've been asking around about the "specifics" on constructing a Hy-Steer arm to fit my FJ40. Numerous article and posts have been put together but I can't seem to see well enough the relationship of the top to the bottom tie rod eye. All the shots are from the side. Some of the "whole rig shots"...
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    Drive shaft fabrication question

    Just set all four tires on the ground nearing the end of the SOA. Some have mentioned that the driveshafts may need to lengthened. A mechanic/stock car racer friend said they have made their own driveshafts for years, using tailpipe. Have any of you done this type of procedure yourselves? If so...
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    Pitman arm (SOA project) HELP! (long)

    I am just about ready to set the front end down on the rubber when I noticed that my pitman arm pivot bushing must be shot on my 66 as it "rocks" when you steer the front end. >:(I have the whole steering system out of the 74 on the floor in a pile of parts. The 74 axle is on the 66 already...
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