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  1. aer0397

    May I introduce my 1984 FJ60

    Ive been looking for a FJ60 for a bit but really got serious last year, and after a few false starts I found my girl. She's a 06/1984 60, not de-smoged and OEM, with 224000 on the clock. The PO took loving care of her and fixed/repaired/replaced many of the "usual suspect" issues. This is my 1st...
  2. aer0397

    For Sale Austin,TX 1985 FJ60 - Craig’s List

    Not mine and no affiliation, from CL. Loving the color but not loving the reason for selling. Description sounds strange too
  3. aer0397

    Looking to buy a 60,...

    Hello all, Obligatory statement about "new to the mud forums and new to the LC community" but i am. And if this isnt the right place to post this questions, ill correct it Im wanting to buy a FJ60 and Ive found one on Craigslist and im wondering if anyone here in Austin has seen it or worked on...
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