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    Bending hard brake line

    bending brake lines Try NAPA or other similar for a tubing bender. You don't want the benders that have the two small wheels on the outside and the large wheel on the inside for bending, because you can't tell how far you've bent. Try to get one of the benders with two handles that has the...
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Tub/Front Cowl/ Steering Wheel in South Wanted: -Rust free (or as close as I can get to it) tub, front cowl, and hood -Stock steering wheel in good condition Looking for body tub and cowl in the south (Texas to Florida). I am located in Louisiana, would like to be within driving...
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    Gear Ratio

    Does anyone know (or know where I can find out) what the stock gear ratios are for a '63 FJ40. We finally finished our project and have been driving the truck and the gearing seems awfully low. Top end is maybe 40 mph. 1st gear is only for crawling, otherwise useless as it is so low. I'm...
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    Diamond Plate Dash

    Pics Anybody have pics of this setup? Getting ready to start cutting and put this in, would like to see it first on somebody else's rig. Thanks.
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    Diamond Plate Dash

    thanks Thanks for the input everyone. Where can I buy blank sheets of diamond plate? Also, is it fairly easy to paint the stuff. I would like to powder coat it black to match my interior. Pics would be great from those who have done it. Thanks again.
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    Diamond Plate Dash

    Does anyone know if there is a manufacturer out there that makes a diamond plate dash cover for the fj40. I have a '63 and there are more holes in this dash from previous owners than I have gauges and switches to fill. I know this seems minor, but I would love a cover up solution for this...
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    Your thoughts on wiring

    EZ Wire I ordered an EZ Wire kit from JT Outfitters for $260.00 for everything. It was extremely simple and the components were all high quality. Plus, the price was not bad. I'd recomend this kit to anyone.
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    Bestop Tigertop For Sale or Trade

    I have a used black bestop tigertop for sale or trade. The top is in good shape, the vinyl doesn't have any rotting or tearing. There is a cut in the back rear plastic (a tree got it on the trail). The rip can be taped or you can take it to a marine or upholstry place and they can cut the...
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Windshield Glass Looking for in tact windshield glass to fit a '63 fj40. please list price if you have available. Thanks.
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    Windhield Glass

    Where do I get a replacement windshield for a '63 FJ40? Also, if I can find a used glass, are there some years that won't fit my '63? What does new glass run? Thanks in advance.
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    Durabak Liner

    I've got a buddy that did his scout's exterior in a maroon. He had it sprayed on by a rhino-line place. Didn't cost all that much and seems to be holding up good. He's had it on there for 2 1/2 years now. Definitely looks like a matte finish though, not shiny. I also saw a 40 in one of the...
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    Aqualu quarter panels and running boards

    I'll also take pics and description but need them by tomorrow morning as I am moving and the computer is getting boxed up. Let me know.
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    soft tops

    I run a bestop and have no complaints except that extra snaps should be added to get a better fit. However, we bought on a budget. I would recomend bestop if you want a little better price right now, down the road, it may not last as long as the others though. Also, bestop soft doors are...
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    EZ wiring harness and Dolphin Gauges

    hey don't know about the gauges but we rewired using an ez kit. we ordered a painless, but got sent an ez and billed for one and it was $80 cheaper than the painless. I was very impressed with the quality of the kit. everything was clearly marked and came with spare pieces and parts. had...
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    rear driveshaft problems

    Just wanted to say thanks to all that helped with this problem and pass on some useful information that I found. Someone may run into this in the future and this may be of some help. If you run into the problems with the setup I described you have two options. The first, contact high angle...
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    rear driveshaft problems

    Poser, I may need that part. I just called around and am coming up emtpy. There's one more parts place to check but they are closed for the evening. If you have a contact for the place near you that has the part and a price, that would be great. Thanks again for all the help.
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    rear driveshaft problems

    Poser, yeah cv end mated to tcase yoke and other end into toyota axle. Where do I get this part? Is there a website? I tlaked to every shop in our little town today that I could think of and everyone just scratched their heads. Not much help from anyone other than posters here on the forum...
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    rear driveshaft problems

    kc_chevota how did that work for you? I think long term I might get a custom shaft made but in the meantime I would like a fix that is not too terribly time consuming or expensive.
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    rear driveshaft problems

    I have got a problem with our rear driveshaft that needs a solution, so I turn once again to the board. Here's the deal. We have a '63 fj40 with all chevy running gear (350, sm465, np205). The truck retained the stock fj axles. We are attempting to use a front driveshaft off a '74 chevy 1/2...
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Hedlight Bezel Needed OKAY so apparently the bezels for the fj40's are too thin to put in a roto-blaster...OOPS. So, I need another one. Anyone out there with one that is not cracked and not bent please pm me with price and pics if available. Thanks.
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